20 Budget Travel Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Vacations

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Budget Travel Tips For Great Savings On Holidays and Vacations

Would you like to have some free travel tips? Wouldn’t it be nice to travel more frequently without having to break the bank? And what if you could go on two family trips instead of one this year for the same price? If you are interested, then just keep reading to find out some of the simple things that you can do to save money on your next vacation.


1. Airline Tickets – Visit discount websites and plan in advance to see if you can get some good deals. Although those sites may charge a service (around $5), it is very easy to combine flight segments from various airlines to provide you with excellent deals. (bonus tip – if you find a Travelocity promo code prior to booking a trip you can save even more money, we have a great selection here at MyDealsClub.com)

2. Connecting Flights – You may think to have connecting flights suck. However, it saves you a lot of money. Consider what the pros and cons are and don’t immediately rule it out.

3. Travel Light – These days airlines are beginning to charge for just about everything. So if you have 2 or more bags, then expect that you will be charged for that. Make sure you don’t use any oversized bags whenever you can and try keeping it to one bag for each person.

4. Substitute – Think about packing old clothes (if you’re planning on purchasing new ones on your trip). That way, you will be able to keep one luggage while still having room for the new clothes you buy.

5. Always Check Out Round Trip Tickets – At times one-way tickets are more expensive and a round trip ticket is less expensive. You can just not use the return trip if you don’t need it. (It does sound strange but I have seen it)

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1. Subway, Metros, and Rail – If you are going to be traveling to Europe, then look into multi-trip discounts. Many rails and metros have passes like a 3-day unlimited travel passes that can be well worth the cost.

2. Night Flights and Train – If it is going to be long transportation, think about traveling at night in order to save money on your accommodation and numerous hours of time. Many individuals have a difficult time sleeping on them, but it is all mental. After you get accustomed to this, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Take A Slower Mode Of Transportation – If the flight is too short for you to be able to sleep while you are traveling, take the bus. While you are sleeping you won’t care that it is a 7-hour bus ride.

4. Take Public Transportation and Avoid Taxis – Usually, tourists take taxis because it is the easiest way of getting from Point A over to Point B. Consider the buses or subway since it is a lot less expensive and sometimes easier.

Food and Drink

1. Plan Out Your Meals In Advance – Figure where you are going to be and then eat before you go out. Not only is this good thing for your wallet, but also your stomach since you probably will find an affordable restaurant with great tasting food.

2. Cook For Yourself – That are not too many people doing this. However, cooking while you are on vacation, it can be very fun at times. Given that this is a new experience (supermarkets, dining area, cookware) it makes it very enjoyable.

3. Meals Leftover – Would you like to have a free breakfast? The night before asking the restaurant for some bread to-go.

Avoid having breakfast at the hotel – There is a good chance that the hotel breakfast won’t be that great and will be expensive. It will probably be worthwhile to walk out your front door after you wake up in the morning and look for a local cafe. You may end up stumbling onto one of the local favorites.

4. Eat A Larger Lunch Than Dinner – Quite often a fancy lunch will cost less than dinner. It is also healthier to eat a large breakfast and lunch and then have a light dinner.


1. Ask – Smaller hotel chains sometimes are willing to provide you with free upgrades (or free nights even(. If you have a reservation booked someplace else already, call them and let them know you would consider changing if you are able to get an extra night for free.

2. Vacation Home – If you will be staying somewhere for a few days at least, consider staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel. Frequently they are a lot more comfortable and will probably cost less as well.priceline.com

3. Suite – Instead of getting two rooms, think about a two-bedroom suite that is provided by some suites. They will probably end up being less expensive and you will have just as much privacy as you would with having your own room.

4. Duty Free – Numerous airports have duty free shops for you to take advantage of. They may not best the very best deals if taxes are not considered but tax-free may make them be the lowest cost option that is available. ‘

Don’t Forget About Potential Tax Refunds – There are some countries that allow you to get part of all of the retail sales tax returned. You may need to fill forms out and how proof how if you make large purchases abroad, that can save you lots of money.

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Final Tips And Thoughts

1. Be Flexible when it comes to your Travel Day – A majority of prices are based on what the supply and demand are, so it can be cheaper to leave either the day before or after at times. Look at the dates around your travel plans to determine whether spending another day is worth it or not. It can make a big difference, particularly around the main holidays.

2. Try To Book At Different Times – Sometimes online sites have rates that are based on the day of the week and time that you book. So try different combinations to see if you are able to get an even better deal.

3. Bid To Get Your Own Price. Go to our coupon page for Priceline.com deals. They have an excellent system where you can you name your price on car rentals, hotels or flights. I have always saved money by bidding on it when the same exact offer is available.

4. Reward Points – If you don’t travel frequently, then sign up for a rewards program since you may eventually qualify. It is all free anyway. So if you finally obtain enough points, then you can get something for free.

5. BONUS TIP: Here is my best tip for anyone on a budget and this works to save you the cost of a meal every time. Ok, so when you go to the buffet breakfast that most resorts and hotels offer to take a small bag. Whilst collecting foods for your breakfast make sure to add several more items to your plate than you can eat. Wrap these up and keep for lunch or a snack. Across a 7 night stay this could amount to a $20 per day saving which will add up to approximately $120 to 140 in food cost.Now that’s what I call being frugal at its finest

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