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Our main business model involves guiding consumers through difficult questions and offer advice ranging from choosing the right deal from any company to comparing companies in a “side by side ” manner to make more informed buying decisions or just simply answering general queries .As a result of our recommendations we may be compensated for referring visitors to any companies listed on MyDealsClub who make purchases .

To create the best resources we focus on researching online from multiple experts to help build detailed ,friendly guides and resources for our customers. Working with experts often has a cost attached to it and to cover this we have affiliate and advertising relationships to help sustain and build this site for you.

If we believe a company has the best deal or offer then they’ll be listed and reviewed that way so we don’t introduce any unintentional bias , in fact we even review and list deals for companies we have no affiliate and advertising relationships with to help keep this balance. In short, we aim high at being a trusted advisor for consumers and businesses. Some, ( but not all ) of the products/services you will see listed on MyDealsClub offer monetary incentives for sending them new customers but in no way do these incentives change or alter our selections as our desire is to inform you to the best of our expert writing teams abilities.

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