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AT&T Internet Review

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In this AT&T Internet Review we set out to answer many of the tough questions about AT&T and its internet, phone and TV services and how you can apply this information to save money on their range of bundle deals from DSL to fiber and more.  AT&T Internet is one of the leading telecommunications providers in the United States and has been for a long time. The company started as a telephone provider and continues to provide DSL internet through phone lines in most areas of the country. They also offer other services such as fiber broadband, Digital Voice, fixed wireless, satellite TV and can do really good bundle deal pricing for each. They have a reputation for providing bundled TV/Internet plans on an excellent budget pricing. However, the standalone services are a bit highly priced but less than the competing fiber and cable services in the country. AT&T’s internet service has started shining with the integrated features that provide interesting home networking features for TV users. Lets delve into how it all works and review many of the different options AT&T provide for new and existing customers to choose from  , read on ….

AT&T internet

AT&T Internet – High Speed And Data

AT&T offers the fastest internet connection countrywide with the average download speed for AT&T broadband and the DSL service is currently between  3.83 Mbps and 2.83 Mbps which we feel is more than adequate for most peoples needs .Previously DSL was the main connection type available but it’s slowly being replaced by the fiber and internet platforms provided by the company. The internet service starts with the 50 plan which is the most affordable, high-speed internet package and offers basic internet speeds for surfing, downloads and email functions. For this package, you can only get one dynamic IP address. All the packages (referred to as AT&T internet speed tiers) start from the 50MB plan to the 1GBps.

Currently fiber optic connections have been introduced across the USA as the roll out of these services continues to gather speed as the the shift towards a faster more reliable system is needed in our fast paced lives . AT&T provides the same fiber optic internet that can serve speeds as high as 1GBps. Here is one of the top reasons why you should consider the packages for use today. There’s no increase in prices as the company has guaranteed repeatedly. It’s uncommon among internet providers to keep prices low for long periods of time but with AT&T internet that is what you get and offers customers really good value for money . It’s very likely that other companies will increase their prices after a year or two. Therefore, you will end up paying much more than you had budgeted for when signing up for the services the first time round. We think that’s a huge advantage for AT&T for customer satisfaction.

HINT:  Cant Decide ? Compare package details , service and speed of internet of  DirecTV vs Verizon Fios

Spotlight On AT&T Internet And Phone Plans

The table below shows the range of current deals for both internet and phone available at AT&T, these are subject to change and we will endeavor to keep them updated at least once a week for you.


  • Internet Basic Only
$4000 50 MbpsDSL DSL
  • U-verse TV & Internet
$6500 50 MbpsDSL DSL
  • DIRECTV & Internet
$6500 50 MbpsDSL DSL
  • Internet 1000
$8000 1,000MbpsFIBER FIBER
  • Internet 100
$6000 100 MbpsFIBER FIBER
  • Internet 50
$4000 50 MbpsFIBER FIBER
  • U-verse TV & Internet
$6500 50 MbpsFIBER FIBER
AT&T deals for the month

Is AT&T Internet Fiber Or a DSL Network ?

You can choose from 4 TV packages with selections of 200 to 500 channels. It utilizes a fiber optic network making the service more reliable than cable or satellite TV. The pricing is more competitive if you bundle it with phone or internet services. However, on its own, it’s more expensive than the competing packages. The U-verse top DVR comes with a smaller storage capacity and there are some hidden HD fees associated with the TV packages.

There are a few advantages of using AT&T internet. For instance, the U-Verse gives customers 4 different packages to choose from with each having different speeds and numerous features. However, these packages don’t have fast speeds with the fastest one having download speeds of up to 75Mbps (referred to as the internet 75). The speed is a bit reasonable but you can always find faster options with other telecommunications providers.

However, one disadvantage of the package is that it’s slightly expensive. Keep in mind that the download speeds are lower than those available for cable internet. The packages would work if you’re looking to bundle various services. For those looking at the internet options available, you can always find better services at more affordable rates with other companies.

Does AT&T U-Verse Still Exist?

Short answer is no,upon review the company is phasing out the U-verse to replace it with the AT&T internet. The brand has always been confusing for most customers. Originally, it was introduced as a triple play option which differentiates the generic DSL service (ADSL) and the advanced DSL service (utilizing VDSL2). The wireless gateway, the main device for communicating with the internet service networks, also works as a router. It connects your home network with Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB connections, allow you to enjoy high speed internet for all the devices in your home. There’s also the AT&T Mail that comes with 11 email accounts as well as virtually unlimited storage capacity, spam guard and POP access.

Another feature is the unlimited nationwide dial-up internet remote access when you’re not at home. There’s also the security software that comes with firewall, antivirus, antispam and pop-up blockers as well as parental control protection and address guard. You can gain access to nationwide Wi-Fi networks including Starbucks locations. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good home internet connection, you can always rely on this company and choose a favorable bundle for your needs.

Joining AT&T Internet – Whats the Best Approach ?

They have some fairly complex plans so phoning to join maybe better than navigating the website process. So having a real person walk you through each bundle deal and process can be very helpful we have found.

AT&T Customer Support – Does It Stack Up ?

The telecommunications industry has a terrible reputation for customer service when compared to others but within these bounds AT&T stands out as being at the top of their game according to many industry sources we spoke to ahead of this review. The American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI for short has AT&T slightly ahead of Verizon fios for its overall rating but as with anything in customer service its not perfect but they are on the right road at least.

Here Are Some FAQ’s About AT&T

·         Question: What are the best AT&T Deals for existing customers? 

If you are an existing customer or have been a customer in the past you may want to check out our AT&T Deals For Existing Customers and compare the availability of each deal. Luckily for you already have a full review of DIRECTV Deals For New And Existing Customers which offers great advice.

·         Question: How will I know if I have AT&T availability in my area?

Easy when you click on any of the deals or promos links on our deals page and start the sign up process they run you through that prior to setting you all up and charging so be sure to follow the prompts . Or check the availability map instead

  • Question: How Much Are AT&T Equipment Charges

No matter which plan you select there are a range of fees to look at: they charge a $7.00 per month Fee for equipment which is cheaper than the likes of Verizon fios who charge a $3.49 per month Broadcast Fee. They charge a $6.39 monthly Regional Sports Network fee for those who subscribe to the sports channels. They charge a $10 per month router fee .

·         Question: What are the best deals from AT&T for new customers?

Personally the U-verse TV and Internet $65/mo for 12 mos (with 24 mo agrmt & autopay credit) + $250 card with online orders offer is the one I recommend as its just $65 on the current deal being offered  . well worth a read of all deals to compare.

·         Question: When AT&T offers deals How Long Do They Stay Active For ?

Some of their sign up packages remain active all the time and some are seasonal , for example on the Black Friday weekend this year they made a grand offer never seen before.

·         Question: Does AT&T offer any cell phone package deals with the AT&T Deals?

Not at this time but that may change so stay tuned

  • Question: Which AT&T Tv Packages Offered Are The Best Value For Money?

The Bundle Deals we outline on our deals page represent the best value for money we think.

Question : Can I Cancel My AT&T Service and Subscription ? 

The only way to cancel any AT&T service is to visit the following

canceling wireless service.

cancel Home phone service.

suspend your service temporarily.

change your service instead of canceling.

TIP did you know : AT&T has a cancellation department phone number ?

AT&T’s dedicated cancellation line is found  at 800.288.2020 make sure you have your account details on hand and the reason you with to cancel.


In conclusion AT&T is the top choice for the best internet and TV packages. First, the DIRECTV Is one of the excellent services, although it comes with a flawed pricing where it increases after the second year. However, if you get AT&T internet with DIRECTV, you don’t have to suffer with the pricing issues. Make sure you get a flat rate for the TV package to save a lot of money when you choose another package provided by the same company. Just as a rule of thumb, you’re advised to do some comparison shopping to find the most affordable internet and TV package. However, when you’re bundling, you can always rely on AT&T services.

AT&T’s got some great deals and its customer service ranks among the best in the industry, they offer some deals that are only advertised on the internet via sites such as MyDealsClub . We think it deserves a very respectable 8.5/10 for all round performance , reliability, cost and service. For most people on a budget AT&T offers the variety at good value for money.

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