How to Calculate and Claim Cellphone Tax Deductions

How to Calculate and Claim Cellphone Tax Deductions

Can a Business Deduct Phone Expenses From Taxes? The use of a cellphone is now considered a legitimate, tax-deductible business expense because they are now just as essential to business as a landline. However, since most of us use our cellphones for personal purposes as well, the IRS closely examines this deduction to ensure that […]

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MyDealsClub Acquires NewMicros Computer Parts and PC Components

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NewMicros Inc was a Texas based computer parts and development company that went out of business some years ago. New Micros Inc. New Micros, Inc was founded in 1980. The company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of electronic computers and specializing in single board computer peripherals and also venturing into internet security software services , […]

Mobile PC Mag, Acquired by MyDealsClub

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MyDealsClub Acquires Mobile Pc Mag At MyDealsClub we remember reading the magazine as far back as 2004 and remember it with fondness. So when the opportunity came up to acquire the domain name we snapped it up . MydealsClub was founded by Darren Tatch .We provide the most up-to-date deals and promotional offers from dozens […]