What Is Classified As The Ideal Norton Product When It Comes To Families?

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Which Norton Product Is Best For Families?

In this day and age, there are countless things that your children should be protected from, that includes violence featured in the media along with the Internet predators. You may be wondering what type of software you should use to ensure your children’s safety when they access the Internet. One of the best products recommended is the Norton Family Premier, which is a simple program to use, yet effective in keeping your family protected and safe from potential cyber baddies. And don’t forget that here at MyDealsClub we offer a great range of all the top Norton discounts for their complete range of cybersecurity and anti-virus products. Here are a few important reasons why this product is ideal for you and your family.

Web Supervision

It is often a difficult task to monitor what your children are doing on the Internet all the time. This is a feature that provides you with a way to control the sites that your children are allowed to visit, to avoid having to worry about what websites they access continually. You can block specific types or specific sites to ensure they are not accessing anything that is inappropriate.

Video Monitoring

If your children enjoy watching YouTube videos, it is of assistance to use video monitoring tools. In this way, you are able to track the videos that your children view, and it provides a way to view snippets of every video in order to gain a feel for the content.

Web Search Supervision

If you are interested in what your children Google, this is a tool that tracks phrases and words your children have entered into the search engines. In this way, you are able to filter out any inappropriate content well before they are allowed to view it.

Norton Social Network Monitoring Is It Any Good?

It can be difficult to keep your children off social networks such as Facebook, but you can take advantage of the tools that assist you in monitoring what they do on these particular sites. The Norton Family Premier program features the Social Network monitoring tool, which allows you a way to see how your children present themselves in association with these sites. This includes information such as location, name, age and what they post.

Personal Information Protection

This is a fantastic feature which assists you in blocking your kids from sharing personal information when they are online. This includes Social Security numbers, phone numbers, physical address and email addresses. This is a very handy tool to stop your children from sharing any information that should remain private.

Time Supervision

If you are unaware of the time frames that your children spend online, this is a feature that tracks the amount of time that they are online. You are able to set limits on the duration of time that they spend on the Internet at any time. You can set specific days or hours of a week that they will be allowed access.

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Email Alerts

If your children attempt to visit sites that have been blocked, you are alerted immediately via email. This can assist you in knowing that they have ignored the warnings of the dangerous sites. Norton Family Premier program will also send periodic-email reports which will give you information about everything your child has done on the Internet in a single email.

Text Message Supervision

This is the type of program that not only monitors your children’s activities on the Internet but also tracks text messages. This allows you to see what they say and who they are sending text messages to. This feature allows you to restrict certain people that they send these texts to.  for more on this see An Overview of Norton Antivirus

Mobile App Supervision

If you are interested in knowing the type of apps that your kids use, this is a supervision tool that allows a way to view the apps that they download onto their tablets or Smartphone’s and allows you to stop access to certain app types that you view as inappropriate.

Here Are Some Of The Important Benefits When You Use Norton

•This program can assist in opening discussions with your family on dangerous people or content that exists on the Internet. It is positive that your children become aware when there is something that appears as suspicious, and they will be more prone to tell you when they notice danger signals.

•You have the choice to inform your children about the restrictions that you have set. If they are aware of these settings, they will feel more in control and will probably follow them.

•When it comes to the mobile options you can easily track your child’s activity on their pc, mac, tablet or Smartphone. Due to the fact that these programs are accessible, this allows a way to see what your children are doing at any time of the day.

•Time limits are a feature that allows you to place restrictions on the amount of time that your child spends online. These types of restrictions encourage healthier habits.

•Monitoring your child’s emails and text messages offer insight into the social circles that your child is involved in. You are also able to see who they spend time texting to and who they are friends with.

By now we hope that you feel confident that Norton Family Premier is the best antivirus product and how it can assist you in keeping up-to-date information on the online activities of your family. Over and above the fantastic benefits, you can also take advantage of outstanding savings, by using the coupon codes when you checkout. You can purchase this subscription for under $50 a year, which offers you with a long-term solution in keeping you and your family safe.

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