Dish Internet Review 2018 – What Should You Consider Before Subscribing

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Dish Internet Review 2018

Learn About DISH With Our In-depth Review

If you’re looking for one of the best possible deals regarding combining high-speed Internet with satellite TV, then picking DISH is a smart move. Your DISH Network Package can get you things like free upgrades and monthly discounts for even more value. Keep scrolling to read more about what the latest and most significant DISH offers are, so you can find premium technology and excellent programming for an amount that can’t be topped by anyone.

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Dish Internet Review 2018

You honestly deserve to get the most bang for your buck. So, what does an investment in DISH get you? Find the answers to your honest questions regarding how DISH stacks up to AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, and other competitors.

Across the nation, there are not many options for a high-quality satellite television service; one of the best is DISH, and the other is DirecTV. Most of the time, we recommend DISH instead of DirecTV for many reasons, although the precise and consistent pricing is a big one. Notable exceptions would include those of you who are AT&T Mobile customers, football fanatics, and any home with many TV watchers.

Why Choose Dish?

We weighted pricing more than anything, and this is a driving factor behind DISH topping out as our preferred service. You might be used to TV providers advertising specials or low prices for the first six months or year and then raising the rates in the back half of a more extended contract. DISH doesn’t do that, and it’s a part of their business that we appreciate and like about them.

We compared each company using their 240 channel package that features DVR capability because we wanted to compare apples to apples. DISH customers wind up spending over a hundred dollars less than their DirecTV counterparts over the course of two years of the contract. However, it’s not just about the pricing in DISH’s favor. Little details in the daily experience added up too. The remote control and the DVR were both winners for DISH. The Hopper 3 can record up to 19 shows simultaneously and has twice the storage of DirectTV’s Genie. Little things that make the daily user experience better are what helps push DISH to the top of the hill in our ratings, features such as a lost remote finder feature and voice search capability.

Can I Get Dish If I Live In A Rural Area?

DISH is an excellent option for fast satellite tv internet if you are in a rural area where cable tv or fiber optic internet isn’t available. All of the plans it provides have 25Mbps download rates of speed, which is approximately as fast, or faster than, traditional internet. However, the business doesn’t offer dish internet service for many rural areas- instead, it deals with HughesNet . You get a discount on online sites if you package it with other DISH offerings, especially the company’s satellite television.

A Closer Look at Features

PriceAmerica’s Top 120: $70/month
America’s Top 120+: $75/month
America’s Top 200: $85/month
America’s Top 250: $95/month
ChannelsAmerica’s Top 120: 190 channels
America’s Top 120+: 190+ channels
America’s Top 200: 240+ channels
America’s Top 250: 290+ channels
TV Type Satellite
HD Channels 200+
Contract Term2 years
Early Termination Fee$20/month for every remaining month on the contract
Installation FeeNil
Are Bundles Available ?Yes ,Internet and Phone
Both companies provide great DVR options, so that shouldn’t be the one that makes or breaks things for you. Remember that DirecTV is a winner for sports fans and larger families since they can provide service for up to four rooms at once. If you like channel surfing through adult programming while kids eat up their cartoons and a sports fan is down in the basement all at once, that’s an excellent way to go.
One big plus for DirecTV is that’s the one and only provider of NFL Sunday Ticket. If you’re a football fan and have never experienced this for yourself yet, you are missing out.
Regarding customer satisfaction, both of these companies score rather well. Having said that, their consumers don’t like how satellite installation takes longer and is more complicated when compared to cable. However, their scores are above average for the broader TV industry, and they both rank better than the rank and file cable providers concerning premium channels and packages. You have premium channel package choices when you sign up with DirecTV. You can save a few dollars a month getting all four of the premium channels at the same time. DISH can score you a free year of HBO. There is a notable exception for AT&T Mobile customers that went through the DirecTV merger, as they have many distinct bundling options. In either case, each company offers excellent services, and we could recommend either one with ease.

Dish Internet Plans And Options To Choose From

Plan OptionsPLAN 1PLAN 2PLAN 3
Monthly Bandwidth5 GB10 GB15 GB
Download Speed5 GB10 GB15 GB
Max Upload1 Mbps1 Mbps1 Mbps
Email Addresses101010
Price per /mo.$49.99$59.99$79.99
Contract Period24 months24 months24 months

Dishnet satellite for tv choice

Final Thoughts On The Dish Network

DISH gets ranked ahead of everyone else regarding customer satisfaction, including the biggest cable companies, per statistics and research from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index. DISH provides a plethora of program packages and has more variety than DirecTV. DISH offers more channels, more HD channels, and more streaming videos, and that’s on top of the industry’s most advanced DVR, and so we rate it 9.5 on a 10-point scale. As we’ve mentioned, other options exist in the satellite field, and in some cases, they are better than DISH, but for the most part, DISH is the clear winner. Although everyone in the satellite television sector ranks consistently higher for service, value, and customer satisfaction than the many major players dominating the cable television field at this time. The choice is ultimately yours but make sure you stay tuned to My Deals Club and get access to all our great deals and coupons

Alternative Options To Dish

It would be worth investigating a few alternate options so I created a list for you, check out the reviews we have for each one


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