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Written by Kin Lu Wong Updated on January 08, 2020

What Is The Digital Television Transition?

Between now and June 12, 2009, all full-power television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting in analog and switch to 100% digital broadcasting. Digital broadcasting promises to provide a clearer picture and more programming options and will free up airwaves for use by emergency responders.

What is the TV Converter Box Coupon Program?

Congress created the TV Converter Box Coupon Program for households wishing to keep using their analog TV sets after broadcasters stop analog broadcasting. The Program allows U.S. households to obtain up to two coupons, each worth $40, that can be applied toward the cost of eligible converter boxes.A TV connected to cable, satellite internet or other pay TV service does not require a TV converter box from this program.

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Will the transition affect me?

You will need to take action before your local TV stations stop analog broadcasts if you currently watch TV on an analog TV set that is not connected to cable, satellite or other pay TV service. If you own a television with a digital tuner or subscribe to a pay TV, luckily for you we have all the top Verizon Fios Deals here at MyDealsClub to save a packet when subscribing


Consumers have a variety of options. Options to explore include:

  1. Keep your existing analog TV and purchase a TV converter box.  A converter box plugs into your TV and will keep it working after the analog shut-off, or
  2. Connect to cable, satellite or other pay service, or
  3. Purchase a television with a digital tuner.

Eligible Converter Boxes

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This list is updated regularly but may not be a complete list of all converter boxes that meet NTIA requirements and are eligible for the program.

NTIA requirements for converter boxes are available here. Converter box customer service contacts are listed here.

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What are my options?
How do I request a coupon?
You can request a coupon while supplies last in one of four ways:
Apply online
Call the Coupon Program toll-free 24-hour automated system 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009).
Mail a coupon application to: PO BOX 2000, Portland, OR 97208-2000. Download a Coupon Application here.
Fax a coupon application to 1-877-DTV-4ME2 (1-877-388-4632)
Deaf or hard of hearing callers may dial 1-877-530-2634 (English/TTY) or 1-866-495-1161 (Spanish/TTY). TTY Service is available from 9 AM – 9 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

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