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AT&T Internet vs RCN a Side by Side Comparison

Both AT&T Internet and RCN are in the top ten for IPBB and cable internet coverage regions in the United States as premium internet providers. AT&T is well-known for its high-speed IPBB and fiber internet coverage, as well as other services including TV and phone plans. RCN, like AT&T, offers fiber-based services as well as cable and copper connections in certain locations. RCN also provides internet-enabled TV and/or phone services. While AT&T Internet and RCN share many similarities, the differences in their programmes and pricing are detailed below.

AT&T Internet vs. RCNAT&T logorcn internet
Internet ProviderAT&T INTERNETRCN
Internet Speed25-940 Mbps50-940 Mbps
Service OfferedIPBB, Fiber or Fixed WirelessCable, Copper or Fiber

Performance Comparison of AT&T Internet vs. RCN

AT&T’s IPBB internet service serves more than 122.8 million people in 22 states, making it the second biggest IPBB provider. AT&T’s fiber internet is accessible to 25.1 million customers, making it the second biggest fiber provider in the country. They also provide around 2.7 million people with fixed wireless service. With some AT&T Internet plans, you may get unlimited data and no commitment.

RCN is the eighth biggest cable provider in the United States, with roughly 4.1 million subscribers across seven states. If you’re searching for business solutions, RCN’s fiber or copper alternatives may be available. Fiber is now offered to companies in 259 zip codes, while copper is available in 171. On all of RCN’s plans, there are also contract-free alternatives.

AT&T logorcn internet

Service Type

DSL, Fiber

Service Type

Cable, Fiber

Download Speeds

768k–100 Mbps (DSL), 1,000 Mbps (fiber)

Download Speeds

25 Mbps–330 Mbps (cable), 1,000 Mbps (fiber)


$35-$60 per month (DSL, fiber)


$29.99–$59.99 per month (cable), $69.99 per month (fiber)

Equipment Fees


Equipment Fees

$4.95–$15.00 per month, depending on location and plan

Installation Fees

$99, often waived

Installation Fees

Free with coupon

Data Caps

1TB (DSL), unlimited data (fiber)

Data Caps


All AT&T Internet  Deals

All RCN Deals


RCN vs. AT&T: Internet Speeds

If you’re searching for super-fast internet, AT&T and RCN have you covered. Both companies’ fiber networks can provide rates of up to 940 Mbps, but availability is restricted in certain regions.

Of course, that’s much more electricity than the typical household need. If you only want dependable and fast video streaming, gaming, and browsing, RCN’s cable internet services, as well as AT&T slower (and less costly) fiber rates, should suffice. For example, most families will be satisfied with speeds between 50 and 200 Mbps.

While it’s difficult to choose a winner in this area, we’ll go with AT&T since their Fios network regularly delivers high speeds across all tiers. Did we mention they’re working on a 5G network that may offer even higher speeds than their fiber network?

AT&T vs. RCN Bundle Packages

AT&T and RCN both offer a variety of double and triple play packages, such as internet plus phone or TV. RCN seems to have more bundling choices on the surface of our internet comparison engine, until you read the small print and realise that most of them are only accessible in certain towns or regions. Meanwhile, AT&T’s packages are more readily accessible.

The Final Word

For a simple setup and installation, go with AT&T Internet. You can’t go wrong with AT&T Internet if you value simplicity and ease of installation. Its self-installation procedure takes approximately an hour and should go off without a hitch.

Choose RCN if you want your billing to be as clear as possible. You should be confidence in your Internet service provider, and you will be with RCN. In the monthly billing area, this ISP receives five out of five stars, which is difficult to disagree with.


  • Is data limitless on AT&T Internet and RCN?

AT&T Internet and RCN both offer unlimited data plans, depending on the package you select. AT&T’s Internet 1000 package includes unlimited data, whereas RCN’s plans all include unlimited data.

  • Who has the best speed? RCN or AT&T Internet?

RCN offers speeds up to 940 Mbps, while AT&T Internet offers rates up to 1000 Mbps.