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DIRECTV for RVs : Portable Mobile Satellite Dish TV Package Options

Connect Your RV To Mobile Satellite Service With DIRECTV Dish Package

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Written by Ana De Castro Updated May, 2020

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is an awesome way to get back in touch with nature, and admire the country, without giving up the comforts of home behind. Fortunately, DirecTV falls well within those comforts.

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Mobile satellite television offers you access to a diverse range of TV channels, shows, and movies while on the road. It’s the same as the entertainment package you have back at home. DirecTV is an industry leader in providing television service for vehicles. Theoretically, it sounds great but naturally, you probably have some questions such as what exactly does DirecTV offer and just how good is the service? Are there any alternatives available and how are they any good or better? For a great all round DIRECTV Review see our full guide and recommendations

DirecTV has been operational for a long time now as a good alternative to the traditional cable subscription. What a lot of people fail to understand is that television service provides numerous solutions for subscribers to stay connected while on the move regardless of whether you are in need of live television content for your boat, car, or recreational vehicle. See all the top Directv Promotions here for a great deal when you join

The following is a complete guide with everything you need to know about DirecTV for recreational vehicles (RVs) or mobile home and the various options there are available.

DIRECTV for RV’s: The Choice Mobile Package

The Choice Mobile package provided by DirecTV is designed to bring you and your family even closer after an entire day spent together through bonding. DirecTV offers more sports in HD than any other provider making it a must-have for someone who spends their life on the road and still does not look forward to missing a match played by their favorite team. See all our top Directv Promo codes and offers before you sign up to get the best discounted deal

What Channels Are on Offer With the Choice Mobile Package?

This package has more than 180 channels on offer; all specially curated for audiences of all ages. There are channels for kids such as the Disney Channel and channels best-suited for adults such as Bravo, ESPN, TLC, and VH1. Regardless of where you choose to visit, you can still watch all the local channels that people residing in the same area are also watching.

A broadcast network service is available for an additional $15 every month called DNS (Distant Network Service) for people who prefer to stay updated on ongoing events around the world. The DNS has about 6 channels namely FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, a CW network feed from either Washington D.C. or San Diego, as well as a PBS feed.

What are the Options for DirecTV for RV’s?

The most cost-friendly method of getting DirecTV for RV’s is by buying a tripod to use together with a DirecTV receiver and a satellite dish usually mounted on the roof of the RV. If you ask for an additional receiver, you won’t have to keep uninstalling the receiver each time you shift from one location to the other. You would only need to set up the tripod.
It’s even better if you happen to be one of those people who are not constantly moving about while traveling in an RV and prefer to camp for several days because you will not have to set it up each and every time.

How Does DirecTV At Home Connect to the Mobile Service?

If you already have a DirecTV subscription for your house, then you won’t need to create a different account for your mobile. Mobile services are there to complement the home service provided. However, if you want to have service in two different locations, such as two houses, then you will need two DirecTV accounts.

So, is there a difference between cars, SUVs package, mini-vans, and the one provided for RVs? Yes, there is and it involves access. The service meant for normal cars does not provide service far from your home broadcast region. Once you get past a certain region, beyond where your local limit stands, your service provisions are likely to be affected.

Don’t bother getting the cars and SUVs offer to have in your recreational vehicle. Ensure that you have the right package meant for RVs because it offers service across the United States. You’ll get access to over 180 channels of movies, TV shows, sports, and family entertainment.

At present, DirecTV offers 3 channel packages.

  • 1. For $35 a month you can enjoy the Select Package which offers cable channels like TBS and MTV.
  •  The Choice package costs $45 every month and adds various ESPN channels to its showing as well as a 12 months subscription of HBO, and more.
  • Lastly, is the Ultimate package; its premium service. It offers all available channels, even the highly favored sports channels, and channels for special interests at only $60 a month.

How To Install DirecTV on My RV

To get DirecTV on your RV, you’ll need to mount a dish onto the top of your RV. Please note that it is not possible to remove the dish off the roof of your house and simply place it on your RV. You will need an entirely different dish specifically constructed for an RV. As you shop for a dish, you have a few options to choose from.

The simplest option is a very cheap tripod-mounted dish to use together with your DirecTV receiver. The tripod can be either mounted on the roof or set up on the ground. However, the dish needs to be manually aligned to the satellite at each stop. It would prove highly convenient if you prefer to camp in one place for a few consecutive days. Otherwise, having to align the dish every day can get tedious.

The other type of dish available is the autofind. It can automatically receive a satellite signal without manual intervention and is the most convenient option for constant travelers who have to stop somewhere new almost every other night.
Consider buying a slim-profile dish as you get on with your shopping because it can both locate the satellite automatically as well as in-motion viewing. A simple, round dish is easy to align, but it won’t provide you with high-definition viewing. You’ll want a slim-profile dish for that kind of service.

King Controls

Their King Quest is a good antenna for a good price. It’s fully automatic and designed especially for DirecTV. It can be mounted on the roof or used as a portable antenna. A full order should come with mounting feet, 30 inches of cable, and a power injector. It’s important to note that this entire is not compatible with most high-definition channels so it’s wise to check the specifics before ordering.


Winegard is a convenient one-stop-shop for many new subscribers because it sells good equipment in 3 antennae to be mounted on the roof as well as a tripod and dish. It also sells five different DirecTV subscriptions. Bundles of gear and a subscription often include rebates. Although the choices are limited as compared to others, the quality is usually high.

What Other Options Are Available Besides DirecTV

As far as satellite TV goes, you’ve got two options of subscription for your RV: DISH or DIRECTV. While DISH is not as costly, it is no match to DirecTV if you want to watch sports. Unfortunately, you’ll have to miss out on gems such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET

How to get DISH satellite TV on your RV

If DISH satellite TV happens to be your favorite, we’re more than glad to let you know that it is very much possible to bring your DISH TV programming with you in your RV. DISH provides a service called DISH Outdoors that allows you to choose among 4 DISH satellite antennas and Wally HD receiver bundles. The cost for all that starts at $300 will equipment included. All you need to do is add DISH Outdoors to your existing DISH account—and call the company to activate the service for you.

Automatic or Manual Satellite Signal Acquisition

Automatic satellite signal acquisition is a must-have feature if you don’t want to spend a whole afternoon messing about with your antenna to try and find a strong signal through manual acquisition.

The Number of Satellites Tracked at a Time

If you are heavy on catching up on sports back home or you simply need more channel varieties, a dish that can track more than a satellite at a time might be just what you are looking for. This means your dish can track numerous satellites in one moment thus permitting you to watch programming provided by more than one satellite at a go.

Number of Receivers Supported

For a lot of families, using an RV is a family tradition. But those sessions on the road when everyone is tired and laying about as they wait to arrive at the next destination do not have to be as boring. You can lighten the mood for your children by getting a satellite TV antenna that can support more than one receiver. This means your teenage daughter can still record her favorite show from her room while the parents watch the news in the living area.