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DIRECTV Review 2020

Written by Ana De Castro

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DIRECTV’s satellite television service has just about every channel that you could possibly want. In fact, it even features the highly sought after NFL SUNDAY TICKET and various premium channels including SHOWTIME and HBO. While the service comes with a 2-year contract that features a second-year price increase, you are guaranteeing yourself excellent channel variety that sure to satisfy your entire family from movie buffs to sports enthusiasts. While it’s certainly not the cheapest option on the market, it could be a great fit. Continue reading to help determine whether or not DIRECTV is right for your family.

Not so long ago, DIRECTV changed it’s pricing structure to become much more transparent and easy to understand. DIRECTV previously used to add all kinds of hidden fees to their standard monthly service charges. Not only would your monthly bill feature the standard service fee, but it would also include varying fees like a DVR fee, a receiver fee, and a variety of other fees. While a lot of other pay for TV services included a range of fees as well, the majority of the competition priced the fees included in the advertised price. With DIRECTV’s brand new pricing structure, it eliminates all of the previously added fees. The pricing is now completely all-inclusive which makes it much easier to understand how much you will be paying. After all, the quoted price a customer gets is exactly what they will be paying. No longer do customers have to worry about surprise or hidden fees. With the new structure, DIRECTV’s claims are fairly accurate and customers look like they are appreciating not having to pay additional fees with their service.

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How Much Does DIRECTV Cost?

Plan NameChannels IncludedPricing Per MonthGet Deal
SELECT­ All-Included155+$49.99Get Deal
ENTERTAINMENT All-Included160+$54.99Get Deal
CHOICE All-Included185+$59.99Get Deal
XTRA All-Included235+$69.99Get Deal
ULTIMATE All-Included250+$74.99Get Deal
PREMIER All-Included330+$124.99Get Deal

With DIRECTV, the first year of service offers a very competitive price. It is not until you get to the 2nd year pricing increase that you will begin to have to worry about the value you are getting. While DIRECTV does happen to include a lot of different channels that make it a competitive option and a good DVR system, the 2nd year price hike really makes the value proposition something worth considering. To see what savings and discounts are being offered currently see our DirecTV Promo Codes for at 10% off when you subscribe to any Directv service or package .

Best DIRECTV Packages

With a range of (6) different packages to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best option available. We typically recommend choosing SELECT All Included for the basic channels that it offers. We also recommend PREMIER All Included because it offers a variety of premium channels that will grant you access to just about anything you could possibly want.

Equipment and Features

Below, we will be going over some of DIRECTV’s most compelling features:

  • Season passes for a range of sports including MLB, NFL, NBA, and MLS (out of the market)
  • Programming in 4K and HDR on CHOICE packages and anything higher
  • Complete 72 hour rewind on various select channels
  • 200 DVR hours of HD storage


One of the best things about DIRECT’s Genie DVR has to do with it being included for free. You aren’t required to pay any additional fees to use it. Along with this, you get 200 hours of free High Definition storage or 800 of Standard Definition. The Genie even lets you record up to 5 shows at a time and the first receiver comes included with the service.

4K and HD Channels

Over 200 channels are offered in High Definition on DIRECTV’s service. The specific number available will vary based on the package you have. There are a variety of different 4K movies and shows that you can choose to watch on-demand which will allow viewers to get the best possible picture quality available in today’s marketplace.


The 72-hour Rewind feature that comes included will give customers the ability to rewatch any program that has aired recently within the past 3 days (72 hours) on over 60 different networks. All you need to utilize this feature is the Genie DVR.


The app that is included with DIRECTV service is one of the top options on the marketplace for those that are interested in streaming live TV and other content on your favorite mobile devices. IT is rated so highly it features a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the iTunes store. With this app, you can access live TV viewing, watch recorded shows, and access on-demand titles. Along with this, you can even schedule records directly through the app.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Because DIRECTV is the exclusive partner of the NFL for Sunday Ticket, it offers NFL Sunday Ticket which is a sports package that will give you access to every out of the market game each Sunday . The NFL Sunday Ticket for 2023 is free for brand new customers that subscribe to either the Choice package or anything in the higher tiers. Those that are existing customers can pay for Sunday Ticket on a monthly basis or pay upfront for the entire season.

More Advanced Equipment

Another major perk that you will be able to get when you subscribe to DIRECTV is the ability to gain access to the high-tech equipment that they offer. They send out a professional technician in order to set you up with all of the equipment you will need to get started watching DIRECTV including the satellite, receivers, and the remotes. While the satellite itself might not be the most attractive thing to add to your house, its well worth it considering you get access to cutting edge technology and completely free installation. Learn more about How Satellite Internet Works

Is DIRECTV Customer Service Any Good ?

DIRECTV has continued to maintain a reputation for having one of the best customer service experiences on the market. As mentioned on DIRECTV’s website, they are currently enjoying being recognized for 18 consecutive years of leading the industry in customer service rating. In 2018, they were rated #3 in customer satisfaction by the ACSI behind Fios and U-verse. While many do note that DIRECTV representatives engage in up-selling strategies, they are not overly aggressive in doing so. 


While it can be more expensive than other providers, it is worth the price of admission. This is especially true for those that love sports. It offers a wide variety of channels, out of market NFL games, and a truly advanced DVR. It also offers one of the best apps in the industry. With its exclusive features that are included with the service, it is truly a compelling deal for anyone. If you can bundle it with AT&T Internet, the discounts make it even more compelling when compared to the rest of the industry.

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