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Written by Ana De Castro

DIRECTV vs. Verizon Fios – Comparing Services  Of These Premium TV Providers

Comparing DirecTV and Verizon Fios isn’t an exact apples-to-apples comparison mainly due to the fact that DirecTV specializes in TV ( see our full DIRECTV Review for more ) and Verizon in Fios internet but they do have the Verizon Fios TV One service which we have reviewed for you also . However, below we compare what each of these companies offers in addition to recommendations on which one may be the best fit for your household. By the way , if you want to win a $100 Amazon gift card from us at MyDealsClub fill in your details into the blue box and submit to be in the draw. If you dont see the blue box in the middle of this page, refresh the page and it will appear. Ok lets get deep into the comparisons and differences of Directv and Verizon Fios.

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Directv Or Fios compare and decide

Verizon Fios enables customers to bundle broadband, digital cable, and digital telephone into one affordable bundle. On the other hand, DirecTV relies on partners to offer a comparable package. This results in Fios customers tending to save much more money compared to DirecTV customers. Regarding the total number of channels that are offered, DirecTV is also at a severe disadvantage. DirecTV does provide a similar number of HD channels. However, the broadband service they offer cannot compete with the Fios fiber-fueled system when it comes to speed due to using WildBlue-powered satellite broadband. Although it is appealing to some to have satellite access and opens up vast markets for DirecTV, the service is unable to go head to head with Fios efficiently. Our full Verizon Fios Review will answer any additional questions you have about the Verizon fios experience. For a great range of internet deals from providers like Verizon fios see our main deals page today

Who Wins with TV and Internet Packages?

Verizon Fios is clearly the winner. They offer excellent deals that are geared toward customers wanting to bundle their Internet and TV packages. However, the recent merger of AT&T and DirecTV means they can now offer Internet and TV packages that have speeds that are close to the Verizon Fios packages. Here is a caveat: Internet services from AT&T might not be available in your specific area. ( see this detailed review of AT&T Internet for more ) Therefore, for Internet service, you might be stuck having the DirecTV satellite internet connection, and that isn’t even close as fast as what can be provided by Verizon Fios.

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Who Is The Best Choice If You Don’t Like Satellite Dishes?

If the thought of your roof being cluttered with a satellite dish doesn’t appeal to you, then you should opt for Verizon Fios. You won’t need to have a satellite dish with Verizon, which means your roof will stay neat and tidy.

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DirecTV vs Verizon Fios which is the best overall

There is also a critical flaw that comes with satellite television. Satellite television is very susceptible to variable weather conditions due to how radio frequency signals work. Your TV signals can be interfered with by both severe storms and heavy cloud cover. Think about watching your favorite TV show and having your screen suddenly go black. The basic concept of reflection causes it. What happens is RF signals bounce off of surfaces that are reflective, especially water vapor that is present in the upper atmosphere.

Fiber Optics + Reliable Service and Large Channel Selection

In general Fiber Optics are more reliable compared to satellite connections. Also, on their more expensive plans, Verizon offers many more channels compared to DirecTV. Verizon also provides many more entertainment options – which for heavy TV watchers is an important feature. Call Verizon Fios on this number for sales support  (855) 969-4693

Which One Has Superior DVR and Good Sports Options?

Although DirecTV offers fewer channels compared to Verizon, its sports package is better, and its DVR integrates with the package. DirecTV’s Genie DVR is an excellent piece of equipment and makes watching and recording your favorite TV shows much more enjoyable and convenient. Call Directv on this number for sales support 844-298-9664

DirecTV Pros and Cons

DirecTV Pros

  • Comprehensive sports channel packages included with Directv
  • Budget pricing for even those on the tightest budgets with Directv
  • Good coverage for both suburban and rural dwellings with Directv

DirecTV Cons

  • Contract often ties you down for 2 years
  • Fewer channels than Verizon Fios
  • Satellite is often not reliable during bad weather

Verizon Fios Pros and Cons

Fios Pros

  • Excellent channel package options with Verizon Fios
  • Greater reliability than satellite with Verizon Fios
  • No contract required with many of the plans with Verizon Fios
  • Verizon Fios also offers competitive Business Bundles For Small Business

Fios Cons

  • More expensive than satellite
  • Fewer sports channels
  • Less availability, only 9 states have Fios currently
  • Requires a contract for the best package options that can be up to 2 years.
  • Uses a desktop router which takes up space and has messy cabling

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Verizon Fios vs. Cablevision Optimum

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Our Recommendation For Families

For family members, sometimes it’s well worth spending a little extra to get the best quality possible, and that goes twice for choosing the great Internet and television professional. Here, Verizon Fios comes out on top again as it provides to picture clarity for family TV viewing.  You may choose between Action & Entertainment, Activities & Reports, Kids & PReview Of Verizon Fiosop, Information & Variety,  Drama, Lifestyle & Fiction, and Home & Family. This way, you don’t have to pay for stations you don’t want to watch, its a bit le the buffet, choose only what you want.

Alternatively to Directv, Verizon Fios uses fiber-optic lines. Fiber-optic lines can handle transmitting huge amounts of data more quickly because data is sent at the speed of light. The transmission doesn’t have to be compressed as much, and you progress picture quality. This makes the extra $7 a genuine discount for what you get. Your family can use multiple devices at the same time.

Despite limited coverage across the USA, Fios continues to get glowing reviews. It’s also earned popularity for technological progress and client satisfaction. Simply put, fibers is the future of entertainment and others are catching on.

For a difference of just $7/mo, it’s well worth spending money on the crystal clear TV that Fios can provide … where DirecTV must compress their video recording content more because it’s delivered via satellite. So there you have it, choose fios folks. Call Verizon Fios on this number for sales support  (855) 969-4693

By the way as a side note make sure you get the best router for fios as there are many options , some are faster and better than others so making a good choice will enhance you fios experience.

Verizon vs DirecTV Facts

Has over 500 channels with good plan optionsGreat selection of sports channels
DVR managementDVR integration for tracking sports
HD supportSupports 4K
Mobile app for remote viewingMobile viewing with the DirecTV app


Who Is The Best TV Service Provider ?

If you are a sports fanatic, you might want to think twice about getting Fios. When it comes to premium sports channels, there are a few popular packages offered by Verizon Fios (MLB Extra Innings, MLS Direct Kick, etc.). However, they don’t provide NFL Sunday Ticket access or host other regional football, soccer, and baseball channels. DirecTV is the best option if you are looking for the maximum sports experience and luckily for you, we have all the top AT&T Deals For Existing Customers or  Directv discounts for existing customers here at MydealsClub. Also consider directv - is it any good?Fios, if you are looking for the most available HD content. If you are on a tight budget, several cheaper packages are offered by DirecTV compared to the most competitive plan provided by Fios. If you live in a house or apartment building that doesn’t have a great view of the southern sky, you might be limited to Fios. Your choice should be made based on the physical setting of your home, the channel package that appeals to you the most and your budget plus the fact that Verizon Fios is only in about 8 to 10 states whereas DirecTV is everywhere. We will keep updating this review as changes are made at both Verizon Fios and DirecTV but as of December 2018 this is current.

Final Word

Personally I would get Fios as I need high speed downloading and the kids needs are gamers so also need that capability but if budget is a concern or you dont live in a state that has Fios yet then DirecTV is a great option so I hope you got something out of this guide and dont forget our links at the top are best deals for both Fios and DirecTV and change as the deals change.

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