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About Dish Network


With DISH Network can connect you to the internet via our local partners at a price you can afford.

If you want a quality TV experience, we believe DISH is an excellent option. We prefer DISH’s bundle price and hardware over that of DIRECTV. For a little less money, you can receive almost all of the same channels and record much more of them with DISH’s DVR service.

However, DISH may fall short for sports lovers in terms of “channels” and “games”: the other guys still have a stranglehold on the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, as well as a few other essential sports channels. Ball agnostics, on the other hand, will find DISH to be quite appealing.

DISH Network TV bundles at their best

The America’s Top 200 package, which contains over 240 channels, isn’t the lowest DISH has to offer, but we believe it offers more programming for the money.

For $10 more than the next plan, America’s Top 200 adds 50 additional channels to your package, including BBC America, CBS Sports Network, Disney XD, Investigation Discovery, NHL Network, Sundance TV, and Viceland. For a Hamilton, it’s not terrible.

Channels on the DISH Network

If you want to compete in a remote-measuring battle, DIRECTV has a greater top-package channel count than DISH, with 330+ channels versus DISH’s 290+, a difference of 40 channels and $20.

TV equipment from DISH Network

You get a satellite receiver for the exterior of your house regardless of whatever DISH plan you choose—no there’s way around it. DISH, on the other hand, differs a little in terms of what it links to inside your home.

The Hopper Duo DVR is a receiver that can record two channels simultaneously (when connected with an additional Joey receiver) and hold up to 125 hours of HD recordings and is included with DISH bundles America’s Top 120 and higher. It also has built-in applications like Netflix and is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

How Much Does Satellite Internet From Dish Cost?

The cost of satellite internet varies significantly depending on the speed and package selected by the customer, but a fair range to anticipate is between $40 and $200 per month, with an average of about $100 per month. DISH users may combine their DISH network cable packages with HughesNet or Viasat satellite internet, which are both available worldwide, including many rural regions where cable may be difficult to come by. Take a peek at their ideas in the gallery below.

Is it possible to have DISH cable and internet?

Some of DISH’s partner businesses provide DISH satellite TV service (which delivers the same channels as cable TV but is actually transmitted through satellite) combined with high-speed internet services. With your DISH satellite TV subscription, you may be able to receive DSL, fixed-wireless internet, cable, fiber, or satellite internet, depending on where you reside. DISH will not provide your internet service, but you may sign up for it via DISH.