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EarthLink Internet Deals

Although Earthlink’s rates are expensive, its innovative approach of delivering internet service throughout the United States seems to be part of its allure. Despite utilising networks from AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, and Viasat, this ISP receives excellent ratings for customer service

We talked with three EarthLink personnel and delved into the specifics to compare it to other internet service providers (ISPs) available in the same regions to see whether EarthLink’s internet is worth the high costs.

EarthLink was a company that existed in the 1990s. It was one of the first internet service providers to provide unlimited internet access for a monthly subscription. However, before you could go online, you had to listen to that screaming dial-up sound. Oh the good ole days !

Internet Plan Options and Pricing At Earthlink

Customers that use EarthLink have a variety of choices. Despite EarthLink’s limited coverage, its associated providers may offer service via EarthLink Connections:

Fiber-optic technology is used in the Hyperlink Internet package, and there are no data limits. The monthly cost of this plan starts at $39.95. There are also other charges:

EarthLink Internet Plans and Prices

Plan Download Speed Price Number of Devices Supported
1 10 Mbps $  49.95 N/A
2 30 Mbps $  59.95 N/A
3 80 Mbps $  69.95 N/A
4 100 Mbps $  79.95 N/A
5 200 Mbps $  89.95 N/A
6 1000 Mbps $  99.95 N/A

EarthLink Speeds and Data Caps

Plan  Upload Speed Download Speed Data Cap
1 Not listed 10 Mbps No Cap
2 Not listed 30 Mbps No Cap
3 Not listed 80 Mbps No Cap
4 Not listed 100 Mbps No Cap
5 Not listed 200 Mbps No Cap
6 Not listed 1000 Mbps No Cap

Pros and Cons of EarthLink Internet

EarthLink Internet Service Advantages and Disadvantages a quick overview
To EarthLink’s credit, company offers three internet service package choices, which are mentioned below. There are low-cost plans available, and EarthLink is offered in a number of locations with a variety of connection choices.

Unfortunately, there are a few important areas where EarthLink falls short. EarthLink, unlike many other internet service providers (ISPs), does not offer customers with any parental control choices. The company’s weak aspect is support, since it outsources support calls and service requests. When local repairs are required, third-party technicians are often used. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but it may be hit or miss in terms of quality.

Is EarthLink Internet a Good Option ?

Whether you’re wondering if EarthLink internet is any good, it depends on what you’re searching for. Customers that want the quickest internet may get it from the business. The related pricing in the regions tested is comparable with other major providers, and speeds up to 1 gig (1,000 Mbps) are offered.

EarthLink’s internet plans, on the other hand, don’t seem to be as beneficial at slower speeds. For the same speeds, other providers offer comparable or cheaper options.

The firm also provides a variety of other services that may be beneficial to companies. Website design, bespoke branding, reputation management, and free business listings are examples of these services. While you may be better off obtaining these services separately from a business that specialises in them, if you’re searching for a genuine one-stop-shop, the choices are there.

Installation of Earthlink

For a one-time charge of $69.95, EarthLink internet service needs expert installation. If there are any deals available that waive the installation cost, take advantage of them if they are accessible.

Contract with Earthlink

For most of its plans, EarthLink needs a 12-month commitment, with an early termination charge (ETF) of up to $200 if the contract is broken. Unfortunately, most national internet service providers demand contracts ranging from 12 to 36 months, which is normal procedure.

Equipment for Earthlink

The only equipment needed for HyperLink internet access is EarthLink’s necessary modem, which costs $6.95 per month. EarthLink specifies in their offer specifications that you cannot use your own modem during the professional installation and must instead use the one they supply. When calculating your anticipated monthly cost, keep this in mind.

No Data Caps

The value of EarthLink’s Wi-Fi equipment and installation may vary based on the internet choices available in your region, but the limitless data is an undeniable benefit of EarthLink internet. EarthLink professes to “detest” data limits, therefore no data caps will apply to any EarthLink plan, even if the partner provider imposes them. Furthermore, EarthLink guarantees that your speeds will never be throttled.

EarthLink Guardian For Kids Online Safety

Tablets and computers that are connected to the internet have made it much simpler for parents to keep their children busy and out of trouble. However, the internet can be a hazardous place, and parents must keep an eye on their children to make sure they aren’t looking at inappropriate content or interacting with people they shouldn’t be.

Monitoring your children’s online activities is a full-time job in and of itself, which is why EarthLink Guardian is such a valuable addition to their internet plans. You can relax knowing that your children are secure online with EarthLink Guardian.

EarthLink teamed up with Bark, a popular parental monitoring software, to provide its EarthLink Guardian service, which offers parents three levels of kid safety.

Earthlink Customer Service

Customer service is a topic that all major internet service providers seem to agree on. Customer reviews for EarthLink aren’t great, but the most of them appear to be about outages and connection problems that the business had in the days before fibre. These problems are unlikely to persist now that their network has grown substantially.
Customers have a problem with speed consistency and dependability, which is unsurprising. The quality of your connection may vary from address to address since EarthLink’s service is provided by a number of different providers, some of which are notorious for speed problems. EarthLink’s outage history on isn’t excellent, with many major outages listed throughout time.

Conclusion: Earthlink is A Good Middle Of The Road Option

EarthLink is unique in that it does not officially offer internet service, instead selling service plans that use other providers’ DSL and fiber-optic networks. As a consequence, EarthLink plans are usually more expensive than those offered by many other carriers. However, there are certain benefits to EarthLink service, such as consistent pricing and unlimited bandwidth, that may justify the increased cost.
EarthLink is a good option if you want a low-cost high-speed internet connection with no usage limits. They may not be the first company that springs to mind when considering internet service, but we believe that will change in the near future.