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What Is Frontier FiOS?

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Frontier Fios Deals


Frontier Communications is a service that is now available in various areas in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, and Texas. This service is absolutely perfect for those looking for a blazing fast connection, the highest quality television picture, and the most reliable phone quality. This service is completely delivered on the most advanced fiber-optic lines which makes them more reliable and much faster than competing cable providers. You can experience the difference FiOS makes with Frontier TV utilizing a completely 100% fiber-optic network. With crystal clear HD picture and amazing sound, you will be able to enjoy much greater reliability than cable which can help you stay connected and enjoy your service much more consistently. Our full review of Frontier Internet explains in depth how it all works so check that out for more details.

What Are The Best Frontier Deals?

The bundles offered by Frontier that include FiOS and TV are very competitive. While the specifics of the packages can vary from region to region, the packages typically consist of TV and the Internet at different quality and speeds. You will find some bundling TV and Internet (double play) and a couple of packages bundling digital voice along with it (triple play).

Best Deals For New Frontier FiOS Customers In 2021:

All of the new customers can get FiOS Triple Play including a 50/50 Mbps Fiber Optic connection, 155+ digital channels, and digital phone service for only $70 per month. If you sign up today, you will be eligible to receive a $100 prepaid Visa Reward Card as a ‘thank you’ bonus.

To get a much more clear idea of the pricing being offered, the Internet and TV package available to me cost $70 each month. This package features both upload and download speeds of 50 Mbps and it comes packed with over 240 digital channels included. Another bundle you will find comes with everything you would want including phone, Internet, and TV and it costs $80 per month. This package includes the same number of channels but the speeds are faster at 50 Mbps.

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How Does Frontier FiOS Differ From Verizon FiOS?

A lot of people recognize Verizon FiOS. It is a similar service powered by fiber optic technology that is offered by Verizon. It makes it especially difficult to distinguish the differences between the two considering they share the same FiOS branding.

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Frontier is a completely different company than Verizon. What makes it even more confusing to prospective customers is the fact that a lot of the area Frontier covers were once provided by and maintained by Verizon. What is the difference between the two you might be asking? To put it simply, Frontier FiOS only exists because the company behind Frontier known as Frontier Communications purchased the already established Verizon FiOS network of fiber optic technology in various regions. See our Verizon Fios Review for in depth details of the service

Frontier FiOS Internet

At the very core of Frontier’s service is fiber-optic technology. With speeds that range all the way up to 150 Mbps, it is almost 5x faster than the national average. Because of this, along with the 100% powered fiber-optic network, both the upload and download speeds are as advertised and equally as fast. This makes streaming video calls, game streaming, uploading videos, and gaming online all equally enjoyable.

Is Frontier FiOS Fast Enough For Streaming?

Because of the exorbitant fees associated with cable and TV packages, a lot of people are looking to cut the cord. Many are getting rid of their traditional TV services in favor of online streaming services. These services tend to offer a lot more flexibility in content and video-on-demand services making them much more convenient and accessible. Having a couple of these services can be much more affordable than having an average television package. That being said, utilizing these streaming services without constant buffering can require a very fast and consistent Internet connection.

Frontier Modem and Router: Rent Or Purchase?

Prior to being able to take advantage of your FiOS Internet plan, you will require 2 different items including a modem and a router capable of utilizing the network.

The modem hooks directly to the Frontier network. Whereas, the router helps you connect multiple devices to the network over a wired or wireless connection. These 2 pieces of equipment are usually combined and referred to as wireless gateways.

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Frontier offers the Internet with a 24-month service agreement which means you will have a 2-year contract with the service. That being said, it also means you will have a price guarantee for one or both of those years. From there, you will move on to a monthly contract.

Typically, Frontier will charge around $10 per month in order to rent their equipment. If you are looking to purchase the equipment outright, you will need to fork over the $200 it costs. Thus, you can save around $40 if you purchase it during the sign-up period rather than renting it.

Frontier Availability

This service has available in 29 different states including but not limited to California, Connecticut, and Florida. In total, Frontier covers over 33.3 million customers. You can see the total amount of availability on the company’s page.

Fiber Speeds At Cable Prices

Having fiber-optic technology can transmit data using light and very thin strands of glass. This results in a much faster upload and a much more reliable connection for the end-user. If you can get fiber-optic service at your address, you will be able to see speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 200 Mbps. The lower tier speeds like those ranging from 6 to 24 Mbps are much better suited for those in smaller households with fewer users who aren’t demanding a lot of bandwidth. If you are someone that plays games and you binge-watch or work remotely, you will want to invest in a faster and more expensive plan.

Customer Service

When you are looking at the customer service in the industry, you will likely see Comcast is one of the worst. Unfortunately, Frontier is not far behind it, if not worse. The ACSI places Frontier at the very bottom of its ISP rankings scoring in at 55 out of 100. Whereas Comcast gets a 61 out of 100 and Verizon gets a 70 out of 100.


If you have Frontier FiOS available at your address, it is more than worth considering due to the superior technology. Along with this, you don’t have to worry about data caps and you can pay an affordable price for the service. If you value customer service above all else, you might want to look elsewhere. Bundling might be better with other providers, but those that are looking for temporary service needs can benefit from Frontier’s no-contract plans that are available.