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Frontier Internet Reviews 2020

According to the FCC 6 percent of the US population still lacks access to fixed broadband service at threshold speeds and this is where Frontier Communications comes in. Frontier is known for having several positive things going. It doesn’t have a data cap, and they even offer a guaranteed two-year price lock. With that said, there is plenty to expect from its impressive fiber plans. However, if you live in the boonies, you’ll only be able to access some broadband features.

Additionally, both long-distance and local services are offered that include telephone wire-line services for both business and residential customers. Frontier offers voice services, communication service packages, data, and residential internet services that include the following:

  • Portal
  • Dial-up internet
  • High-speed internet
  • Hard drive back-up
  • E-mail products

Frontier offers the following commercial services:

  • Dedicated internet
  • Ethernet
  • TDM data transport
  • Multiprotocol label switching
  • Wireless data services

Frontier has done a great job at expanding and they have successfully managed to expand to 29 states thus far within the US. In keeping up with new and improved technology, they have designed FiOS. However, the service area covered by FiOS is quite limited when compared to the likes of Verizon Fios for example.

When signing up for a plan, customers are free to create a bundle that works for them. This simply means that they can lump their DISH TV with both internet and phone services. Frontier has granted the opportunity to customers that lets them mix and match the number of channels that they want and even their Internet speed. Promotional bundles are also offered throughout the year for special periods of purchase or on specific bundles.

Frontier Internet Pricing And Plans

Frontier Internet Options

Connection typeDownload speedPlan Name
DSL6–115 MbpsVantage High-Speed Internet
Fiber50–1,000 MbpsVantage Fiber
Fiber50–1,000 MbpsFiOS Fiber

Pricing is usually different for every user based on their region. However, most plans start at an all-time low of $40 and you’ll receive a speed of up to 200 Mbps. When compared to Comcast, customers pay $5 more and they get 50Mbps less from their internet service.

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Frontier Internet coverage area

Besides just the pricing, there are several perks to benefit from. When you order online, you’ll be able to receive a Visa Reward Card of up to $200 in your package. However, this also tends to vary based on a user’s address. With Frontier, you can even receive a free 1-year subscription of HBO depending on where you live, others are generally offered a guaranteed special two-year price.

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If you live in an area that is already equipped with Frontier, you’ll have several great plans to choose from. They provide customers with more speeds than other companies and they even have the fastest fiber plans. While both Vantage Fiber 1G/1G and FiOS 1G/1G are expensive, they’re not exactly everyone’s first choice in gigabit plans. So, if you’re looking for the fastest internet plan around, then those previously mentioned are perfect.

Frontier Internet Bundles

When it comes to bundles, you’ll have the most decent selection that includes triple-play and double-play bundles. This simply means that you’ll be able to have a phone + TV + internet or just internet + TV. The state-of-the-art $239.98, 50 Mbps fiber plan is bundled for users and it comes with over 240 channels.

If you’re looking to bundle all of your services in one place, then you should consider the Triple Play from Frontier. This plan features download speeds of up to 24 Mbps and over 250 channels. If you live in a Frontier Gig friendly area, then it’s a decent package that anyone would be happy to have.

Frontier Internet Speeds

Thus far, selected fiber optics areas have gotten speeds of up to 500 Mbps with the two-year price. However, customers are free to select a contract that suits them every month. Due to the technology employed within the fiber optics system, Frontier is also able to offer speeds of 1 Gbps. If for some reason you don’t need that type of speed, you can opt for the typical 50 Mbps.

Besides the previously mentioned fiber optics capabilities, users are also provided with up to 115 Mbps for download and up to 3 Mbps for upload. Some of the high-speed internet plans include a Wi-Fi router free with no fees. So if you’re interested in finding out more, you should schedule a call with a Frontier agent today.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

While everything is stated upfront, customers should still pay attention to the following:
ho hidden fees

  1. Shipping And Handling Charges – Varies by location.
  2. Broadband Processing Fees – A fee of $9.99 is charged for disconnecting a bundled service.
  3. Installation Fees – There is an installation fee that is waived for first-time customers.
  4. Early Termination Fees – There is not an early termination fee. However, bundled customers can expect a $200 to $400 fee for terminating bundled packages early. Internet plans that are not bundled don’t have a fee.

Frontier’s Internet Data Caps

There is no usage limit or data cap for any of Frontiers packages. A direct line is installed at your home to better enhance your unlimited streaming capabilities. The fastest tier is 1 Gbps while the slowest is 6 Mbps. Frontier has created a cap-free system and we’re hoping that it stays just as it is.

What Is Good About Frontier Internet?

  • Rural areas now have access to DSL plans
  • Fiber plans now provide faster speeds than before (50 Mbps – 1000 Mbps)
  • No usage and data limits
  • No-contract plans
  • Guaranteed 2-year price lock
  • Available in 29 states

What Is Bad About Frontier Internet?

  • Fiber plans are not accessible in every area
  • Poor customer service
  • Fiber plans are contracted and start at 2 years
  • Bundling options are very limited
  • DSL internet has issues with its speed
  • FiOS is limited
  • Very expensive with upfront fees
  • Customer ratings are poor


If frontier FiOS is an option in your area it’s definitely worth considering due to the fast speeds alone. With that being said there are better bundle options available when you consider Verizon FiOS or AT&T Internet for example, so choose carefully because frontier is also renowned for a terrible customer service experience. But for the price we feel it’s not a bad option when compared with the more expensive carriers if you are on a very limited budget.