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How to Cancel Frontier

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How Can I Cancel My Frontier Communications Service?

The cancellation process isn’t too complex with Frontier Communications. It’s not possible to cancel through an email or online, which means you’ll have to call 1.800.921.8101 if you want to stop using Frontier. During this call, you’ll also make arrangements to return any equipment you’ve been leasing from Frontier. Unfortunately, canceling Frontier Internet is easier said than done. Do you want to cancel your Frontier services for good? If you’re in this position, just stick with us! We’ll help you say goodbye to Frontier.

Frontier Early Termination Fee

If you have a no-contract plan with Frontier, you don’t have any cancellation fees to worry about. With that said, many of Frontier internet plans ask you to agree to a two-year contract. If you have an agreement like this, and you cancel your service early, you may have to pay an early termination fee that’s as high as $400.

Returning your Equipment

Any equipment you’re leasing from Frontier will need to be returned after your services are disconnected. You’ll need to return the equipment within 30 days if you want to avoid additional fees. Make sure everything that you’ve been leading, from internet boxes, DVRs, routers, modems, set-top boxes, or satellite receivers is returned. We suggest that you return your equipment as soon as you can. You could be responsible for the costs of this equipment if you don’t return it on time. A modem costs $175, while a satellite receiver is $200. If you return stuff right away, you’ll have time to resolve the problem if you forget something.

Cancellation Confirmation

You’ll want to confirm that Frontier has received the equipment you’ve returned. You should also ensure that you don’t owe any outstanding fees. Once Frontier has confirmed this, you should ask them to provide written cancellation confirmation.

Your Last Bill

Prepare To Pay A Internet Disconnect Fee and an Early Termination Fee

It’s likely that you’ll see additional fees on your final bill. For example, if you took advantage of a special promotional offer, you’ll owe Frontier an early termination fee. If you want to see the dates of your promotional deal, you should check your bill. Read our Frontier fios review for a full rundown of how this works

Contract-Free High-Speed Internet

If you’re going to sign up for internet service through Frontier, you should strongly consider a plan without an annual contract. This should be an option for customers in High-Speed Internet or FiOS® by Frontier areas.

Can’t Pay Your Bill?

If you can’t afford your bill, Frontier offers options that can reduce monthly costs. In addition, you have the option of suspending services between one and nine months. This is a great way to avoid extra fees. Call to find out if you qualify for any of these options.