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Written by Ana De Castro Updated on January 11, 2020

Ever Wondered How To Get Fios Cheaper ? Let Us Show You

At MyDealsClub we have made partnerships with great companies like Verizon with a view to offering you their best deals each and every month so here’s how to get them. Simply visit this link to get all the top Verizon Fios deals for both new and existing customers and save up to 30% or sometimes even more.

The future of communication and entertainment is fiber optics. The most reliable method to deliver digital content is future optics, which is why tech gurus prefer it to other tech. In matter of fact, fiber optical cables is what mainly drives the internet, especially at a global level.

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How To Get Fios Cheaper

However, consumers have usually had to deal with DSL cables and coaxial cables. These cables are connected at the point of consumption. For the longest time now, internet users have not been able to enjoy the benefits of super fast and extremely reliable internet connection. Fiber connections provide the utmost reliable connection and extremely fast connection.

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Things have changed, mainly thanks to Verizon Fios, which is offered to customers who want end-to-end fiber networking. Customers who get Verizon Fios get to enjoy the best download speeds and uploads speeds. Fios has six different offerings for you to choose from, and all of these offers are designed to take internet speed to a whole new level. You’ll notice just how fast it is when you take advantage of one of these offerings.

When compared to DSL cable connection, Fios is hands-down the fastest in terms of upload and download speeds. Fifty Mbps is the lowest speeds offered in the product line (Fios) and this is actually the highest speeds in many internet service providers’ product lines. If you need speeds that are lightning fast, then you can get 500 Mbps. When you experience these speeds and the reliability of Fios, then it’s easy to see why nothing else compares to Fios.

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The internet is not the only thing offered via Fios, as there are digital voice and television options available too. Many customers find the prospect, of combining fast internet and high quality add-ons at a great price, tempting to get. In fact, you can pay $20 more on your internet plan per month if you want to add on unlimited nationwide and local voice services. You will find the prices of the plans to be very affordable.

Over 190 channels are offered through Verizon Fios TV. Not only that, but there is on-demand content that customers can choose to get, and this allows them access to thousands of content. Much of the content available via Fios TV is in hi-def, which is delivered at impressive speeds thanks to fiber optic connection.

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The company also promotes and sells time-limited internet deals and plans. This is to help consumers simplify the shopping process. You may also be able to save some money. You can read more about Verizon Fios as MyDealsClub has published an in-depth and detailed review of the services available.

If you want something that is capable of transmitting large amount of data at fast speeds, then Fios might be the solution. Many freelancers, remote workers and gamers are all fans of Fios. People who love to consume content from platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu love Fios too.

Visit where you can read more in-depth about Verizon Fios, including its product line and details to help you determine whether or not you should get Fios. Visit the site today and then you can make a decision. also note fios student discounts are available depending on which package you get from Verizon and your school.

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