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Choosing A Hughesnet Data Plan That Is Appropriate For You

HughesNet deals

You don’t need to be linked to municipal infrastructure to receive high-speed internet with HughesNet high-speed satellite internet service. Even in remote regions, you can browse the web, interact with friends on social media, view a YouTube video, or listen to your favourite music. You can work or go to school from anywhere with HughesNet, even on snow days and every day in between. Calculate how much data you use each month and then choose a plan that will provide you with enough data to accomplish whatever you want online.

The 10 GB plan, which costs $49.99 a month, is perfect for one user. The 20 GB plan, which costs $69.99 per month, is ideal for small families with children. The 30 GB plan was created for contemporary families with several devices that are used on a regular basis. This package typically costs $99.99 per month. Finally, the 50 GB plan, which costs $129.99 a month, is similar to the 30 GB plan but is a little more robust for heavy internet use.

Hughesnet Is Popular Among Rural Americans For A Variety Of Reasons.

HughesNet is an excellent option for individuals who live in remote or difficult-to-reach locations. HughesNet provides enough bandwidth to work remotely, buy online, read the news, stream podcasts and music, have telemedicine appointments from home, run a company, and make video conversations with friends and family with speeds of up to 25 Mbps. You can even watch a movie and play a few online games over the weekend if you’re cautious with your data use.

What Types Of Plan Deals Are Available?

The company’s plans are based on expected data consumption, comparable to popular cellular phone plans today. There are now 10 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, and 50 GB plans available.

Plan Monthly price Download & Data
HughesNet 10 GB Plan $60/mo 25 Mbps /10 GB
HughesNet 20 GB Plan $70/mo 25 Mbps /20 GB
HughesNet 30 GB Plan $100/mo 25 Mbps /30 GB
HughesNet 50 GB Plan $150/mo 25 Mbps /50 GB

HughesNet Fees and Prices


It’s essential to remember while looking for new internet service that the stated price may not be the amount you’ll pay each month. When you include in incidental fees, equipment rentals, and

promotional periods, it’s easy to be startled by additional charges when you get your first statement.

HughesNet plans need a satellite dish to get service since they utilise a satellite internet connection. HughesNet provides the option to lease or purchase the equipment altogether, with the related costs shown below. Satellite dishes may usually be mounted on a roof or in the yard if there are no trees in the way.

Savings in the Bonus Zone

The Bonus Zone is an excellent method to maximise your data allowance. During off-peak hours, typically 2 a.m. to 8 a.m., the business provides an additional 50GB of data use, which it refers to

as the Bonus Zone. It’s the ideal time to update your software and download big files such as movies and games. When you choose HughesNet, you’ll get a $75 prepaid card.

New HughesNet customers will get a $75 prepaid gift card with the purchase of any HughesNet residential package for a limited time! With HughesNet, you’ll get America’s #1 satellite Internet provider, fast speeds of up to 25 Mbps on all plans, additional bandwidth, built-in Wi-Fi, and more! HughesNet Internet is also accessible from coast to coast, even in the most remote locations! Simply use the coupon code SAT75 at checkout to get your prepaid gift card now!

HughesNet Frequently Asked Questions

HughesNet plans range in price from $59.99 to $149.99 a month, without including the $14.99 per month modem lease. All HughesNet plans provide the same 25 Mbps download speeds, but varying monthly data allowances.

The 50 GB Data Plan is HughesNet’s finest plan, since it provides the most monthly data. This plan offers you a total of 100 GB of full-speed data each month, including 50 GB of data that you can use at any time and 50 GB of Bonus Zone data that you may use from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Although HughesNet Internet is theoretically limitless, each package is restricted to a certain quantity of full-speed (25 Mbps) bandwidth. After you’ve used up your monthly data allocation (which varies from 10 to 50 GB), you may keep using data without incurring overage costs, but at considerably slower rates (1–3 Mbps).

We suggest leasing a HughesNet modem in general. The modem costs $449.98 if purchased outright, and $14.99 per month if leased. Leasing lowers the initial investment and ensures that you won’t be left with obsolete equipment in a few years. Furthermore, since HughesNet contracts expire after two years, leasing will save you from being trapped with equipment that won’t work with another internet provider if you decide to transfer.