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About King Street Wireless

King Street Wireless

On its spectrum, King Street Wireless offers internet access and high-speed 4G LTE service* throughout the United States. King Street Wireless, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is dedicated to connecting America’s communities now and in the future.

King Street Wireless, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a renowned leader in the community for its economic development and charitable activities.

King Street Wireless (KSW), a Virginia-based wireless communications company, has teamed with U.S. Cellular to provide consumers with high-speed 4G LTE connectivity. Customers in over 100 markets may receive high-speed 4G LTE and 4G-enabled devices from them.

KSW, a top-ten holder of 700 MHz wireless spectrum, covers the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, South, and Pacific Northwest areas of the United States. KSW offers fixed wireless service, collaborating with equipment manufacturers to develop dependable networks throughout the nation, even in rural regions.

King Street Wireless Provides Services

In a number of areas, King Street Wireless provides broadband internet services via its fixed wireless network and 4G LTE services in collaboration with its limited partner U.S. Cellular. Please start by entering your zip code to see whether King Street fixed wireless internet service is available in your region.

Wireless Internet Speeds on King Street

Download speeds on King Street Wireless range from 1 mbps to 1 mbps. To make sense of these rates, consider that online surfing and social media need a minimum download speed of 1 megabit per second. At download rates of 25 mbps, the baseline for high-quality Ultra HD 4K video streaming is greater. Furthermore, King Street Wireless provides upload rates of 1 mbps to 1 mbps.

Cities covered by King Street Wireless