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Stephouse Networks - Residential High-Speed Internet

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Local network technicians, authors, volunteer firefighters, parents, engineers, programmers, and field techs make up Stephouse Networks, and they all share a passion for bringing high-speed Internet to our home land. The connectedness that we deliver to the general public is not a resold version of a more established brand. Furthermore, all of it was cultivated locally in the Pacific Northwest. Within our network, you’ll discover the result of thirteen years’ worth of labor.

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We spend our free time, when we’re not busy nerding out about the ins and outs of the Internet and wireless networking, doing exactly what you’re probably doing out there, which is enjoying our Northwest home with our friends and family. Because of our relationship to the community, we understand that our neighbours and we hold the same ideals in high regard. Because of this, we are able to provide an entirely new level of service to each and every customer. You are not phoning a nameless call centre located elsewhere in the globe when you give us a call for assistance; rather, you are calling people who live in your immediate area.

What You Get With Stephouse Internet

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In the fields of banking, healthcare, and software development, microwave internet services have been shown to be effective solutions. These services provide dependable and competitive internet connection speeds, which help to stimulate innovation and enhance data efficiency.

The crew that stationed in Portland watches after  dedicated accounts to ensure that we have almost 100% uptime and continue to offer the excellent customer support for which we have been well-known over the last ten years.

The Stephouse Networks staff takes great pride in elucidating “how it works” to members of the local community because we want our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of the Internet services they’ll be paying for. We want our consumers to be aware of the many advantages that come with high-speed wireless Internet services and to comprehend precisely what it is that they are purchasing. We hope that our consumers share our view that our service provides an easy and cost-effective option to get high-speed internet through a reliable, community-based network, and we believe this to be the case.

Plans And Pricing From Stephouse

Step House offers three Internet residential packages. For $49 per month you can get up to 25 Mb per second download and 5 Mb per second upload speed which is great for base level gaming some streaming and it’s also good for multiple users.

Then you move up to $59 a month for the second package which gives you speed it up to 100 MB per second this is good enough for streaming online HD videos, gaming and other digital download services.

And finally for $69 a month you can get up to one gigabit per second of speed which is great for 4K streaming and will future proof your house is that is ample speed for most residential properties allowing multiple uses all types of online and digital interfacing.

Who Are The Top Competition For Stephouse ?

Verizon Fios

In 2005, Verizon Fios was one of the first internet service providers to deliver actual “Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) Internet connection to residential users, making it one of the pioneers in this field. They will be available to 34.8 million individuals in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, in addition to six other states. Every Month they also put out the best Verizon Fios deals for new customers and here at MyDealsClub we share these with our members and the public to check out the great package deals and trip play offers for new subscribers.

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet has a vast network of fiber and phone lines throughout the United States, as a result of the “Baby Bells” court decision, which forced AT&T to divide into numerous businesses (one of the notable ones being what is now Verizon). Their IPBB coverage is based on this vast telephone network, whereas their fiber initiatives have been concentrated on densely populated urban and suburban areas. Most houses have been connected to a telephone or cable TV network at some time, making it simple for ISPs like AT&T to offer internet via these connections. Check out our AT&T internet promotions for new customers listed here at MyDealsClub

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