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Written by Ana De Castro Updated on January 09, 2020

Verizon 5G Super Fast Internet Trials Will Target New Customers

Verizon has plans for its 5G service to include fixed gigabit to target 30 million homes for new customers to fios. This is according to Verizon Wireless CFO, Matt Ellis. This estimate is based on Verizon’s research that shows the 5G propagation that was in many different markets moving forward. With this new 5G technology Verizon will really put some distance between themselves and companies like Comcast who offer Xfinity which we currently recommend for TV Fans, Budget Seekers and Family Homes but with 5G Verizon may simply blow them out of the water if the pricing is acceptable to a data-driven public. For example, Verizon offers 1 GBPS Fiber Broadband for just $70 Per Month  and the new Fios prepaid option comes with 155+ channels on a pay-as-you-go option for the budget minded person who doesn’t have the financial capability to be tied to a 1 or 2-year contract

The homes in the markets where the 30-million homes are subject to FiOS service deployed to the home using fibers Verizon sent directly to each home. The company will build a 5G wireless fixed service over the next few years. Ellis says the rates will go up bringing significant benefits to Verizon customers in the next few years.

Verizon 5G Plans

These frequency bands are expected to take up the 5G speeds over short distances. Ellis predicts this but the trials using 5G frequencies have shown they go much further than previously anticipated. They can go distances up to 2000 feet which has been a surprising turn of events.

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Verizon hopes to give 5G fixed wireless to customers as a single service or as a service that can $70 Per Month 1 GBPS Fiber Broadband Verizon Fiosbe bundled with video and voice and of course here at MydealsClub we will have all the latest bundles & triple play deals listed on our page as Verizon releases them to us. Some customers may already be buying broadband and video services from the same provider. They will want to switch over both to Verizon, Ellis expects. Related Verizon Fios Review and conclusions, when compared to other well known options which is the best ?

Video services will not be offered, as Ellis puts it, as traditional video. It will be delivered over the top, according to him. What this means is not entirely clear to me but many more details about this will be forthcoming in early 2018. Some areas will see Verizon as what is called an “insurgent provider”. This means that fixed 5G wireless target markets include those outside Verizon’s local footprint for services. Some people are already Verizon wireless customers. These customers will be offered a 5G product.

It was recently that Verizon introduced the idea that they will launch a commercial 5G wireless in three or five markets in the beginning of 2018. The first market is in Sacramento. This will be a fixed wireless service which is the first type of use for 5G. Verizon knows that there are more opportunities to offer 5G technology to mobile services.

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