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Written by Ana De Castro

Negotiate For Discount Or Price Match Can Save You As Much As 30% in 2021

Verizon don’t offer any specific deals for existing customers to resign with ,however below is a list of the updated current deals for 2021, simply click on any deal to go direct to Verizon site for that particular offer . We recommend that just prior to your current plan lapsing you check out the newest available deals to obtain the very best pricing offered by Verizon Fios . Here is where you will find all the best Verizon fios deals updated and checked for accuracy. We have updated for both new and existing customers Plus taxes, equip. charges & other fees. Check out these top deals below, click any link to view what is on offer.

Verizon Fios Deals 2021Get a $200 Verizon Gift Card with the Most Fios TV VIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Order online and we’ll waive your standard setup fee ($99.00 value). VIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Verizon Special Offers Page – All Our Best Are Here VIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Get The Best Verizon Fios Internet Deals Found OnlineVIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Pair your plans & get rewarded. Save up to $30 per month on your Verizon bills.VIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Get a $50 Verizon Gift Card with select TV plans. New customers onlyVIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Military Members can get Fios Home Internet starting at $34.99/monthVIEW PLAN DETAILS
Verizon Fios Deals 2021Get a $150 Verizon Gift Card with the Most Fios TV. New customers only.VIEW PLAN DETAILS



Here is where you will find all the best Verizon fios deals updated and checked for accuracy.


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How To Get Fios New Customer Pricing

If you are coming to the end of your contract and would like a new customer pricing the only way to do this is to allow your existing contract to rollover then you will be in a position to sign up to a new package. Here at we list all the Verizon FiOS packages plans and deals at the top of this page, simply click on one of the links to obtain the best deal discount and follow them through to check out. Ending your existing contract brings with it some requirements for example sending back your DVD router cable card or DVR, but this will bring new ones when the installer arrives to connect your new account, so downtime is very minimal between one contract ending and another one starting. To be considered a new customer for Verizon Fios you must allow your old plan to lapse , so just prior to occurring check out our deals at the top of the page to lock in your new plan pricing.

Ok here is the best deal available for you when you sign any new contract with Verizon Fios as either a new customer or an existing one. Simply click on any of the 3 links above and sign up (MUST CLICK ONE ) and on top of any benefits received from Verizon the team at MyDealsClub will give you an Amazon gift card worth $30 just for joining. All you have to do once you have signed up is email me at with subject line “Verizon Fios Deal” and I will reply with the details.


Verizon fios gigbit connection deals for existing customersYou already have Verizon as the phone service, and you want to upgrade. Now is the best time to get in on Verizon Fios deals for existing customers. You can improve the connection and plan. But how can I do this I hear you ask ? Negotiate with them for a discount upon upgrade to super plans like triple play and gigabit or you will take your business elsewhere. Worked for me and many others . Simply advise you will switch ISP’s and take your business away if you cant get a decent deal for being a loyal customer . The credible threat is often enough to make them put you on hold and go talk to the supervisor to get you the best deal possible. Try it and let me know the results ! These will not be talked about anywhere else but here.

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Fios Bundles And Deal Packages For Current Customers

Internet Only Plans If  You Are A Current Loyal Verizon Fios Customer

If you are already connected you know that this service offers the best Internet, television and home phone packages. You can upgrade and save more money on these great products with a variety of plans that are suited to what you need. Let’s have a look at what is available to you.

  • Digital TV

Get the most popular TV shows, Blockbuster movies, and all the Big Games. Call them now to find out more about the current offers.

  • Digital Phone

Get unlimited calls nationwide, plus a choice of over 20 calling features. Call them today so you can improve the home phone service.

  • Bundle Fios Services

What could be better than getting one Fios service? How about getting three? Call the support number and build the bundle with an upgrade.

  • Fios Internet

Upgrade to a better Internet with reliable, ultra-fast speed. You can game, stream music, and download HD movies. They also have a new option worth exploring which gives a Pre pay Option, its Fios Offer To Existing Customersmore for new customers but if you are close to the end of your contract, it may be worth considering if you have limited financial means.

How do I upgrade My Existing Fios Package ?

Go to and login with your User ID. Check to see if your account is eligible and then pick the services you want. You get so many perks with a new Fios plan including the following:

  • A 2-year price guarantee
  • A $100 Wireless Gift Card
  • One premium network channel for 24 months. Choose from HBO®, EPIX®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax®, Sports Pass or the Spanish Language package
  • The ability to stream live Fios TV and On Demand using the Fios™Mobile app. It is data-free when you are on Wireless.
  • 500 My Rewards bonus points to redeem for On Demand movies, verizon fios gift card offer, and more.
  • Great fios deals and discounts for students

What Fios Deals Are Available To New Customers?

New Customers to Fios can take advantage of the best current packages which includes a full range of products which ranges from the Standalone A la carte internet, Starting at $ 39.99 /mo all the way through to top plans like the Fios Gigabit Connection, with Fios TV Mundo Total + Phone for $ 84.99 /mo. Remember that the Online only price for new customers includes the following savings that you can only get from a site like MyDealsClub with our top offers.

What About Fios For Business ?

We have a great list of all the top Verizon business deals and plans so go check that out to get a full rundown on business packages available with Verizon fios

Spotlight On This Month’s Verizon Fios Deals

This month we take a closer look at some options for everyone:

**Best bang for the buck currently is the  $70 Per Month 1 GBPS Fiber offer, click the link at top of the page for more information but also see our guide on the best router for verizon fios as there are some good options to consider.

Below you’ll find a list of the current list of products being offered to potential consumers. Remember that at the very top of this page is where you can click on any of these offers and go directly to that offer and sign up for massive savings and we have this handy Verizon Internet Plans Review page here which outlines everything you need to know about the service, and it will be updated as new inclusions and innovations are added.

Hot Tip : Get a comparison of Verizon Fios by reading our AT&T Internet review guide to determine which of these two giants are better for you.


100/100 $3999 100MbpsFIBER
Triple Play $7999 150MbpsFIBER
Non-Gigabit Connection $4999 50 MbpsFIBER
50/150 $7499 150MbpsFIBER
Gigabit Connection $7999 940MbpsFIBER
Gigabit Triple Play $7999 940MbpsFIBER
Gigabit Connection with Custom TV $7499 940MbpsFIBER

Fios Gigabit Triple Play Packages

There are 3 Fios Triple Play options here they are :

Internet + TV + Phone Starting at $79.99/mo 2-year agreement

150/150 Mbps Internet + Custom TV + Phone– 150/150 Mbps Internet + Custom TV + Phone just $79.99/mo

For year 1, $84,99/mo, for year 2 w/2-yr, agmt, Plus taxes, RSN, FDV, other fees & $12/mo, STB equip, charges RSN and all costs

HBO® included for 1 year (reg, $15/mo)

Multi-Room DVR Service free for 2 years

Up to $500 credit to help cover an early termination fee

2-year agreement

Fios 150/150 Mbps Internet + Preferred HD TV + Phone

$94.99/mo for year 1 – $94.99/mo for year 1. $99.99/mo. for year 2 w/2-yr. agmt.

Plus taxes, RSN, FDV, other fees & $12/mo, STB equip, charges,

HBO® included for 1 year (reg, $15/mo)

Multi-Room DVR Service free for 2 years

Up to $500 credit to help cover an early termination fee

2-year agreement

Fios 150/150 Mbps Internet + Ultimate HD TV + Phone

$124.99/mo For year 1  – $124.99/mo For year 1, $129,99/mo, for year 2 w/2-yr, agmt,

Plus taxes, RSN, FDV, other fees & $12/mo, STB equip, charges,

HBO® included for 1 year (reg, $15/mo)

Multi-Room DVR Service free for 2 years

SHOWTIME®, EPIX®, and Cinemax® included.

Up to $500 credit to help cover an early termination fee

2-year agreement

Verizon Fios Double Play


Internet + TV , Starting at $55.00/mo

Starting at $55.00/mo

No annual contract, Great for those who want the  best price but not the noose around the neck

50/50 Mbps Internet + TV Local


for 1 year plus taxes, equip, charges, & other fees, No sports channels,

1 premium movie channel packs included for 3 months,

HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ

No annual contract

50/50 Mbps Internet + Custom TV

From Just $69.99/mo

for 1 year plus taxes, equip. charges, RSN, and other fees.

Fios Double Play

Up to $500 credit to help cover an early termination fee

No annual contract

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Some Fios FAQ’s And Questions To Consider

Question: What Are The Best Verizon Fios Offers?

For all advice on the best options we recommend you check out our page (which is linked to elsewhere in this article ) or you could check out the new pre pay option or the $70 Per Month 1 GBPS Fiber Broadband as these represent some great options as well.

Question: What Is Verizon’s Internet Speed?

FIOS offers you a 1-gigabit internet connection (rated at 940 Mbps) for just $79.99. This is unrivaled in internet download speeds.

Question: Is Verizon Fios Available In My Area?

Check the availability at your physical address with the address checker tool found on their website. This will guide you through whether or not you can get a connection. Verizon fios has way better coverage than many of its competitors , for example Frontier Internet

Question: Can I Cancel The Service?

The only way to cancel any Verizon Fios service is to visit a store in person or better still call the service center.

TIP did you know: You can cancel anytime using the cancellation department phone number?

Verizon’s dedicated cancellation line is found at 1-800-922-0204 make sure you have your account details on hand and the reason you wish to cancel.

Should You Upgrade Your Connection?

You have to decide for yourself. But, we think you will want to access the highest Internet speeds available along with the most fabulous prices. Also, bear in mind that right now they are rolling out the new 5G Plan which is starting at the beginning of 2018 and will see even faster speeds and more reliability so if you can wait then that’s a good option.

Who Else provides offers to existing customers ?:


So now you know which package upgrade offers the best value for your money and we have offered you some great links so check out the the fios privacy policy and get clicking to save money on any Verizon Fios Deal whilst having the best entertainment available anywhere and remember to join us, share and like on facebook.

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