What Verizon Senior Citizen Discount Option Exist ?

In this article we aim to showcase Verizon Fios plans for seniors and provide the best options for discount internet for seniors , If you wish to locate all the top Verizon Fios Deals for 2021 we have them all listed

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Verizon Fios Senior Discount

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The fact is, there are no specific Verizon FiOS senior discounts nor are there any verizon plans for seniors catered specifically . Instead Verizon gives you the ability to choose your own bundle and is about as close as they come to offering internet deals for seniors. You can choose to bundle both Digital Voice and FiOS Internet to score savings on the services. You can even upgrade to FiOS TV in order to save even more with Verizon’s Triple Play bundles. When ordering online, you get the benefit of being able to avoid having to pay any installation fee. Read on to learn how to lower Verizon fios bill.

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FiOS Triple Play Bundles and Verizon Senior Plan Discounts

There are (4) different fios mix and match deals and bundles available that you can choose between.

Different Landline Plans For Seniors

Lets take a look at Verizon landline plans for seniors

While there are no tailored landline plans targeted for seniors, there are ways to save money on it. If you are specifically asking about FiOS senior discount, you should know it’s not only targeted to senior citizens. Instead, it is available for anyone subscribed to a Triple-Play package including any plan that features an Internet speed equal or greater than 50 Mbps.

Verizon Landline Phone Service Options:

  1. Basic Verizon Home Phone Service
  2. FiOS Digital Voice Service
  3. Wireless Voice Link Service

You Can Join The Verizon UP Rewards Program

verizon fios deals

If you are already a Verizon customer and you are in good standing, you can join the Verizon FiOS Rewards program. This is a program that is catered towards any Verizon FiOS customer. All you need to do is download the My Verizon app on either Android or iOS. It is completely free to enroll in and all FiOS customers will be eligible for receiving $10 in Device Rewards each month. These rewards can accumulate and be used towards the purchase of a new device sold by Verizon. And dont forget that with the bundled deals offered by Fios you get a $200 Visa Gift Card cashback

Joining the loyalty program is the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest deals available at Verizon. They do not have an email program. Therefore, you should join My Verizon to get every coupon, promotion code, and online discount available.

Leverage Status-Based Discounts

Some people will be able to save even more money on their Verizon FiOS purchases and bills. While anyone can use the readily available coupons and promo codes, having a specific status can be a great way to experience greater savings. For instance, any active-duty members of the Armed Forces are eligible to receive $10 off each month for their Triple-Play package. This military discount can even be applied towards other packages available with Verizon FiOS. In order to figure out what you might be eligible for you should determine your eligibility using the eligibility checker found on the Verizon FiOS website.

You will be able to frequently find all kinds of FiOS coupons and promotions that can end up giving you significant discounts on their Triple-Play packages. Prior to completing your purchase online, you might even want to visit your local Verizon store in order to check for regional or store-specific coupons and promotions.

Verizon Basic Landline Phone Service

The basic phone service offered by Verizon starts at as little as $10 monthly. This will vary depending on where you live. A lot of the areas use landline services through FiOS Digital Voice which utilizes fiber networks. However, some others might utilize copper networks.

Verizon Voice Link is another phone service option that you might be able to get from Verizon. This is a wireless option where the service uses a wireless signal through a previously installed wireless home phone unit that is called a Voice Link device. This device comes with a battery that can be used as a backup in case of a power outage.

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Contact Their Customer Service

Verizon has been voted as the Best Internet Service Provider for 2021 by us and with good reason ,behind AT&T they have outstanding customer service . If you find that you need assistance with your plan, need to make a return, or you have any questions, you can feel free to call the company at 1-(800)-837-4966 or even use the live chat feature that you can find by visiting their Contact Us page on their website.