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Windstream Despite the fact that Windstream hasn’t always been the most well-known internet service provider, there are many Windstream offers worth considering this year.
In recent years, the business has gained traction, updating its DSL network and even laying fiber-optic connections in portions of its service region.

They’re our greatest chance for dependable internet for those of us out in the country. As an additional benefit, there are no data limits , and when you contact their support line, you will speak with a live person in the United States.

We combed through hundreds of internet plan specifics throughout the United States to find the best Windstream prices.

Top Windstream Deals

The 25 Mbps DSL package from Windstream is their most popular residential Internet choice. It’s also one of the more affordable options, and it can easily handle the video streaming requirements of the typical household. This plan often has no data limits, making it an excellent option for Netflix binge viewers or busy families with many users that expect to consume a lot of data during the month.

This plan’s pricing has been reduced to $55 per month for the first year, and the installation charge has been removed. After the first year, the price increases to the standard $60/month cost. Please keep in mind that this offer is only accessible to new Windstream subscribers.

Are Windstream Bundles Worth Buying?

Windstream’s bundle plans, unlike their Internet-only contracts, typically need a one- to two-year commitment. They do, however, provide superior overall value for consumers who need TV or phone service in addition to Internet access.

Windstream combines its television service with DIRECTV and offers a discount on their satellite service. The channel selection is very typical, with premium programming such as the NFL Network restricted to the higher levels. However, if you’re searching for TV service in the first place, the bundle package offers may be worth your time. You may easily skip through them if you’re just interested in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Windstream’s Biggest Drawback: Upload and Download Speeds

Windstream, like other DSL providers, ranks far behind alternative wired internet offerings such as cable or fiber. In most cases, you’ll be fortunate to get speeds of more over 25 Mbps. This is the minimum speed required for activities such as streaming HD video from Netflix.

Windstream claims to have invested more than $500 million on network improvements in recent years, and in certain places, they’re even offering “Fiber to the Home” service, comparable to Google Fiber or Verizon Fios.

How to Compare Windstream Deals

If you’ve decided on Windstream as your best Internet provider of choice, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Tip #1, think about your modem choices.
Customers who wish to utilise their own equipment may find Windstream less accommodating than other providers, although it is feasible. You may save $9.99 per month by using your own modem instead of leasing a Windstream-certified modem. However, if your modem fails for any reason, you’ll be responsible for the expenses of service and upgrades. We suggest paying the price for the ease of utilising their equipment if you don’t fully grasp what a modem or router performs.

Tip #2: Only purchase a television set if you want to watch it every day.
Windstream is sympathetic to cord cutters and does not impose data use limits. You should have no trouble utilising Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services on Windstream as long as you aren’t attempting to watch five programmes at once.
Traditional TV and DISH TV don’t always have the same live programming and sports/premium content as these alternatives. For the typical customer, though, they’re more than enough entertainment – particularly if they prefer “Stranger Things” to “NFL RedZone.”

Windstream Self-Installation Guide

Professional installation is available from Windstream for about $35. When compared to the typical cable provider, this is a great bargain, and they also offer self-installation for individuals who want to do things on their own (and save a few bucks in the process). Fortunately, setting up DSL service is a very simple procedure that is well within the capabilities of the ordinary user.

When you choose Windstream’s self-install option, the business will send you a complimentary modem. They’ll also provide you step-by-step instructions on how to set it up, as well as phone assistance if you get stuck. From start to end, the procedure should take you approximately an hour. The following things should be included in your shipment when you get it

Begin by connecting the grey phone wire to the modem’s “ADSL” connector (it will also be gray). Connect the other end of the cable to the side of the phone filter labelled ADSL. The filter should be plugged into a phone socket on your wall. Finally, connect the modem to the power adapter, which should be plugged into a nearby outlet.

The “DSL” and “Internet” lights on the front of your modem should begin flashing solid green shortly after finishing step one. If they don’t, your service may not have been enabled yet, and you’ll need to call Windstream at 1-888-292-3827. (Be patient; it may take up to 5 minutes.)

Connect the yellow ethernet cable to the “ETH1” connector on your modem. Connect the other end to the ethernet connection on your computer. You may not have an ethernet port at all if you have a recent laptop. In this situation, you’ll need to get an ethernet adapter from the internet, such as this one. Open your chosen internet browser after you’ve connected, and you’ll be immediately taken to the internet setup page.

This portion of the procedure should be quite simple, but if you get lost at any stage, don’t hesitate to contact us. You won’t be able to view any online sites until the initial setup is complete, even though you’re physically connected to the internet when you see this screen.

Conclusion: Windstream Is The Best Bet For Rural Internet Access

To cut a long tale short, it’s almost likely your best choice if you live in the country and are downstream from Windstream.

It doesn’t compare to the future high-speed alternatives available in cities and even suburbs, but it’s a significant improvement over satellite. You’ll love the low latency and limitless bandwidth if you’re arriving via a satellite connection.