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From southern Texas to the Canadian border, Windstream is delivering one of the best high-speed internet to rural areas. But how does Windstream internet compare to other rural internet alternatives if you’re fortunate enough to have them? Let’s look at the pricing, download speeds, contracts, and more to see what we can learn.

Windstream is extremely straightforward and honest about the pricing of basic internet services. The stated pricing for their internet-only plans is identical to the price displayed on the website. Customers who simply use the internet are also not required to sign a contract. The high price of the internet-only service may be due to the absence of a contract. There are no pricing hikes for Standard Speed plans. In fact, this plan is backed by a price guarantee for the rest of your life. Anyone who moves or disconnects their service, on the other hand, voids the warranty.

What’s the Price of Windstream Internet Like ?

All of Windstream’s first-year package pricing are discounted for a limited time. Customers must additionally commit to a one-year contract when purchasing these packages. Customers will be charged a penalty for each month the contract is not terminated before its expiration date. When the 12-month special term expires, the price reverts to the regular rate. The contract duration and promotional pricing will be affected by the customer’s location. To find out what options are available in their region, customers can contact a Windstream customer service agent.

Windstream Plans At A Glance

High-Speed Internet 25 $27.00 25 Mbps DSL No No
Kinetic Internet 25 $27.00 25 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 100 $37.00 100 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 200 $42.00 200 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic GIG Internet $57.00 1,000 Mbps FIBER No No
Kinetic Internet 500 $47.00 500 Mbps FIBER No No

Plan specifics vary often, so please double-check with Windstream before buying service.
Check out our comprehensive guide to the newest Windstream discounts and promos if you’re seeking to compare plans.

Windstream’s internet services, like most others, are divided into categories depending on download speeds. Speeds will be considerably slower in places where only DSL is available than in areas where fibre is available. With their One Gig internet service, fibre customers may have download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, although the bulk of service regions will only be able to get plans with speeds of 12–50 Mbps. This is still a decent speed for regular web browsing and Netflix watching.

Windstream has its own Kinetic TV service in certain regions, as well as packaged packages with satellite TV provider DIRECTV. There are a number of plans available, ranging from basic to premium, with sports addons available for an extra fee, and you’ll save about $10/month if you purchase both services together, depending on local promotions.

Windstream Internet Packages Available

Kinetic GIG Internet

Windstream’s Kinetic GIG Internet is a completely fiber-optic Internet service available in more than 150 towns throughout the United States, with download and upload rates of up to 1Gbps and 4K video streaming. Other benefits of fiber-optic networks, according to Windstream, include higher dependability than copper networks, support for many devices in the house at the same time, and reduced latency for quicker page loading. According to the FCC, fiber is accessible in approximately 6.3 percent of Windstream’s service area.

Kinetic 500 Internet

Kinetic 500 Internet claims to provide download rates of up to 500 Mbps. Except for Kinetic Gig, Windstream utilises DSL for Kinetic 500 and most other tiers. Only approximately 1.76 percent of Windstream’s DSL service region, according to the FCC, can download at 500Mbps, while another 1.76 percent can download at 250Mbps. These modest statistics, on the other hand, speak more to the scarcity of extremely high-speed DSL packages than to Windstream’s ability to deliver on stated DSL speeds. Windstream scored between 86.52 percent and 99.71 percent in the FCC’s most recent actual-to-advertised speeds report, indicating that you typically receive the speeds you pay for.

Kinetic 200 Internet

Kinetic 200 Internet, another DSL provider, promises download rates of up to 200Mbps, as its name implies. The FCC does not keep track of download speeds of 200 Mbps. In 38.2 percent of Windstream’s DSL service region, however, download rates of at least 100Mbps are available.

Low Speed Internet Options

Windstream also provides a variety of lower-speed internet services, which vary greatly in terms of speed and price depending on where you live. Windstream, for example, in Pittsburgh, PA, provides four different plans, none of which achieve a download speed of more than 100 Mbps. Standard Kinetic Internet, a 15Mbps service, and Premium Kinetic Plus, a 100Mbps package, are available in Pittsburgh. In certain locations, including Pittsburgh, Windstream also provides Internet/phone/TV packages. Windstream will need your street address and zip code to determine which packages are available in your region. In general, the FCC determined that download rates of at least 4Mbps are available in 96.8% of Windstream’s service region. Around 93 percent of people can access 10Mbps or more, and 78.1 percent can get 25Mbps or more. DSL is available in 99.2% of the total service area.

Windstream Speeds and Data Caps

Plan  Upload Speed Download Speed Data Cap
Kinetic 200 Not listed 200 Mbps No Data Cap
Kinetic 500 Not listed 500 Mbps No Data Cap
Kinetic GIG Not listed 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) No Data Cap

Is Windstream Any Good For Netflix?

Netflix has rapidly become the go-to site for viewing movies and programmes, and if you’re a subscriber, you’ll want to be sure your internet connection can handle streaming. The best streaming services are listed here for further reference.

Netflix recommended that you have a connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps. Windstream has plans with speeds up to 50 Mbps, which should be more than enough for numerous streaming.

However, if you have a media-rich home with several individuals streaming at the same time, you may begin to notice the connection’s limits. A Windstream internet connection should be able to manage a typical family’s streaming habits as long as you don’t have dozens of devices connected at the same time.

Windstream Customer Support : Is It Any Good ?

While customer service is available locally, it is inadequate.

Customer service at Windstream is not outsourced. All client calls are answered by personnel based in the United States. Having agents in the United States hasn’t improved customer service or satisfaction all that much.

Windstream was rated in the lowest third of internet service providers by the ACSI in 2016. (American Customer Satisfaction Index). Windstream received a 59 out of a possible 100. Windstream was one of just three national providers to get a worse score.

Windstream had a 2 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating in JD Power’s Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study in 2014. Windstream had a score of 683 on a 1,000-point scale. The business came in last place among service providers in the southern United States.

Other rating and consumer report websites agree with Windstream’s rating. Waiting a long time for customer assistance, personnel that are unable to address problems, and confusing service costs are among the concerns regarding Windstream’s customer service. Windstream has some of the lowest customer satisfaction scores in the business as a result of these issues, which are compounded by high prices and slower-than-promised internet speeds.

DSL vs Cable and Fiber With Windstream

Windstream’s network is mostly based on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. This technology transmits data through your phone lines and is somewhat slower than cable or fiber. It does, however, have a dependability benefit. When everyone comes home and starts on Netflix, you’ll notice that your cable connection slows down. DSL, on the other hand, is very reliable.

Speeds may exceed 1,000 Mbps in places with Fiber service, the current gold standard of internet connections, however Windstream’s Fiber coverage is restricted owing to the high cost of constructing a new network.

Rural Internet Options With Windstream

DSL is one of the most commonly accessible internet choices in rural areas, and Windstream is mainly a DSL provider. Infact they are quite a good internet service provider and make it onto our Best Rural Internet Providers list for their DSL service.

In most remote areas, you’ll have to choose between DSL and satellite internet. As a result, many people choose between Windstream internet services and HughesNet or Viasat satellite options.

In the vast majority of instances, DSL will be the better option owing to the lack of data limits. The amount of bandwidth you can use each month on satellite internet services is usually limited, which may be a significant issue for people who want to stream video.

If you have an option between DSL and Satellite in your region, DSL is generally your best pick owing to its dependability, reasonably low pricing, and absence of data limits. Satellite TV may occasionally provide quicker speeds, but when you consider the data use restrictions, it’s not always the greatest option.

Windstream Internet Deals

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Windstream is a small yet mighty internet service provider with coverage in 17 states. Plans are inexpensive, but DSL connections are sluggish and prone to disruptions. Windstream plans have the advantage of being both contract and data limit free.
While Windstream’s DSL can’t compete in terms of speed or price with Cable or Fiber, it does cover a wide geographic region and serves consumers who don’t have access to these newer technologies. Furthermore, its relationship with DIRECTV provides consumers with access to a high-quality TV provider regardless of where they are located. They arent likely to make it to our list of Best Internet Service Providers for the entire country anytime soon but in some areas like rural broadband they do punch above their weight

Overall, Windstream’s service is unlikely to compete with most cable and fibre providers, but it does provide a vital service to consumers who do not have access to these more sophisticated networks.