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About WOW!

WOW!With a network that reaches 3,200,000 households and businesses, WideOpenWest is the sixth biggest cable provider in the United States. The business provides landline telephone, cable television, and high-speed Internet access. WOW! has about 850,600 customers as of December 31, 2020.

WOW! The South and Midwest now have access to cable internet at speeds of up to one gigabit per second. Will its pricing, download speeds, and contracts, on the other hand, make you exclaim, “Wow!”?

We’ll go into WOW! Internet’s finer points, such as pricing, usage limits, and no-contract alternatives. And we guarantee that’s the last time we make a joke about the name of this internet service provider (ISP).

WOW Services: An Expert Overview

WOW! Internet service is now accessible in ten states throughout the country. Aside from internet, they also provide TV plans and packages, as well as phone service. WOW! additionally provides first-class service. While WOW! cable internet is provided through cable infrastructure, fiber service is available in certain locations – mostly for corporate users.

WOW! Internet and Cable are both available.
WOW! has a 7.2 million-person service area as of 2021, with the greatest coverage in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and seven additional states. WOW! internet, as a cable provider, is mostly accessible in regions intended for cable television services prior to the widespread marketing of home Internet, and is provided through cable TV networks. Suburban regions and metropolitan city centres are more common than semi-rural peripheral areas in these locations. See our list of the best rural internet providers here for more

Packages and Costs

WOW! High-speed cable and fiber internet packages are available at reasonable rates (particularly for first-time customers), and the following are the current bundles available:

100 percent of the internet

100 MB Internet Package

The second tier of price, with speeds that allow multi-user streaming without interfering with other activities or devices.

It’s ideal for smaller homes with several high-bandwidth gadgets running at the same time. This is plenty for HD streaming, competitive gaming, and quick downloads.

Package 500 for the Internet

How satisfied are you with your customer service?

WOW Internet did not get a separate score in the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index for ISPs. Our ACSI source verified that it is included in the totals, but added that there is “too little market share to quantify by name.” Overall, we know that ISPs are among the lowest-rated services in the ACSI ratings, coming in second only to subscription television providers. As a result, the fact that total scores are up 5% from the prior year doesn’t actually tell us anything.

WOW’s Cable Network Technology is unrivalled in the industry.

Coaxial cable technology is used in all of WOW’s internet service options, which most people recognise as the black wires with rubber coverings that are connected to the sides of homes. WOW! has also been working on installing pure fiber connections in certain areas to boost speeds.

WOW! provides cable service, but it does it via hybrid fiber-coaxial wires. Internet data travels via fiber to a node in the user’s neighbourhood, where it is then transferred to copper cable infrastructure. When opposed to a pure fiber cable system, one advantage of this approach is that internet traffic may use TV network lines. As a consequence, WOW expenses !’s are reduced, and customers benefit from better prices.

WOW’s 500 Mbps package is undoubtedly their fastest internet service choice. At the moment, this isn’t accessible across its service area, but progress is being made. WOW! also utilises DSL connections for its clients in a few locations, including Alabama and Georgia. This DSL service is much slower than WOW’s standard offers.

WOW Packages for TV

WOW! offers three different cable TV bundles. WOWcable !’s packages are simply named Small Cable, Medium Cable, and Large Cable, so customers don’t have to worry about confusing names.

The Small Cable plan offers very little beyond the essentials, and even then, it lacks several popular channels like Comedy Central and Fox Sports. It offers approximately 90 channels and is only suitable for those who need extremely basic cable service.

The Medium Cable bundle is a good improvement for a little extra. SyFy, Nickelodeon, and the Travel Channel are among the more than 150 channels available. A premium channel of the user’s choice is also included, such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, or Showtime.

WOWlargest !’s TV bundle is the Large Cable option, which includes over 260 channels. NFL Network and VICELAND are included in this selection, and the customer may choose a premium channel, exactly as with the Medium Cable plan.

Internet Prices

Except for the Internet 1 Gig plan, which is based on a fiber connection, all of WOWinternet !’s services are based on cable connections. Many customers will be satisfied with even the cheapest WOW! plan, which provides “up to 100 Mbps,” and since the plans are inexpensive, those who would usually choose the most cost-effective choice may be interested in a higher package. Each plan, however, lists the maximum speed available, which may or may not reflect the actual speed a client will receive, so it is recommended that people double-check which speeds are available in their areas. There is no data limit on any of the plans.