An Overview of Norton Antivirus 2017

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A Closer Look At Norton Antivirus 2017

Symantec offers Norton Antivirus as the basic malware and virus protection program for your computer. Every year they bring out a new version to ensure your protection is up-to-date and using the latest technology. Norton has 3 main levels that include other types of computer protection software. This protection is available for both Mac and Windows computer systems, as well as tablet and mobile devices. For more on The Ideal Norton Product for your Family see this post

The Window version of Norton Antivirus is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the 32 and 64 bit Windows 8 version. This program offers computer malware detection and removal. Norton Antivirus also includes antivirus and antispyware protection. And, if you encounter any problems, Symantec provides 24/7 customer support. There are three systems in Norton Antivirus that are used to detect and protect your system from infections. There is a threats system, a behavior-based system, and a comparison-based system.

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The comparison-based system looks at the known programs and compares them to the ones on your system. This comparison allows the Norton Antivirus program to determine if a file is safe and if a computer program is excellent. The Symantec behavior-based system is called SONAR. This system looks at what your system does for evil and good programs to see if any of them are malicious. SONARs current version, SONAR 4 can detect suspicious files, based on the way a program behaves.

Norton Antivirus is a much smaller program that it has been in the past. This smaller size means that installing the program is much more comfortable and the program is less intrusive when in use. Symantec has been working hard to improve the speed of the software and how it works. They have also been able to solve many problems this program was known for in the past. One feature that is often overlooked when installing software is the ability to recover your system is your computer is infected. After you install the Norton Antivirus program, you can create a bootable rescue disc.

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Norton offers both malware detection and removal, however, some things cannot be automatically removed from your system. If this happens the system will offer instructions, and support is available if the removal of the malware proves difficult.

What You Get with Norton Antivirus 2017

After purchasing Norton Antivirus 2017 from the Norton website, you can immediately download and install the program. During the installation process, the program will detect and remove any previous antivirus programs that may affect the operation of Norton Antivirus. The installation process is straightforward. However, there are some things can affect the installation. Viruses or other programs may cause this problem.

Norton Antivirus is able to detect and remove Trojans, spyware, viruses, and other forms of malware. The program is not able to protect you against identity theft or provide email anti-spam protection. The software provides basic protection for messaging and email but does not offer advanced protection like parental controls or firewalls. Its little wonder that with this much protection that Norton has been voted the best Antivirus protection software ,If you have a problem with Norton Antivirus during installation or while using the program there are several solutions available including different steps to follow for removal of the program, a downloadable program to fix the problem or a simple automatic repair or removal. When the program finds something you have a variety of options. You can use the automatic removal option or you can choose step by step confirmation that gives you complete control.

After Norton Antivirus is installed, you will receive a complete list of everything it has configured, including any viruses found and removed during installation. It will also list any updates to the program that were completed. The help section of Norton Antivirus helps you understand the different parts of the program and the steps you should take when you have a problem, including how to contact support.

The program has three main buttons, with other buttons and links above and below for menus. There is a central scanning area, an update area, and a list of advanced settings. If you click on the home button, the main menu will flip around and offer another way to navigate the program and find the information you want about the program and your system’s past infections.

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