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MyDealsClub offers a great range of coupons, promos and special discount deals .We list all of the best and most up to the minute offers so you can save 10 to 50 % off your purchase .Save Money Join The Club !

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Presidents’ Day Sale –> Get $1...

Presidents’ Day Sale –> Get $100 off every plan + Free Bars, Shakes, Turboboosters & FREE SHIPPING!

Presidents' Day Sale –> Get $100 off every plan + Free Bars, Shakes, Turboboosters & FREE SHIPPING!... more ››



success 100%

Lose 5 lbs.+1 inch off your waist in ...

Lose 5 lbs.+1 inch off your waist in your first week

lose 5 lbs.+1 inch off your waist in your first week... more ››



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Lose 5 lbs. in you first week* with F...

Lose 5 lbs. in you first week* with Fast 5 plus FREE SHAKES

Lose 5 lbs. in you first week* with Fast 5 plus FREE SHAKES... more ››



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Lose Weight, Manager Your Diabetes an...

Lose Weight, Manager Your Diabetes and Get 1 Week of food Free!

Lose Weight, Manager Your Diabetes and Get 1 Week of food Free!... more ››



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The more you lose the more you save w...

The more you lose the more you save with Nutrisystem. Save up to 50%!

The more you lose the more you save with Nutrisystem. Save up to 50%!... more ››



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What You Need To Know About The Nutrisystem

Here at MyDealsClub we have all the best Nutrisystem Promo Code offers for you to choose from.

With this eight loss system you are offered the finest in programs for weight management with the best meal plan based nutrition period. And here at MyDealsClub we can provide you with coupon verified deals and promos to save 20 to 40% on your first order every time. Also see facebook for the top deal Nutrisystem promo codes in 2018 offers.

What is Nutrisystem

Its a weight-loss program online that assists consumers in nutrisystem meals and coupons deals for new customersmaintaining a healthy weight through the variety of products on offer, various diets and individual counseling. They promise that their customers will lose weight even when they consume unhealthy choices such as the chocolate lovers pack which have ensured that their reviews stay positive. However the best optional extras include  fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, fresh meat and dairy.

Hot Off The Press : Sale –>  Get $100 off every plan + Free Bars, Shakes, Turboboosters & FREE SHIPPING on all orders !

To take advantage of savings, look at our discounted Gift deals dedicated to the plans provided. Every one of the plans has discount codes on offer to assist you in staying on track with your weight loss goals with time-tested and affordable diet plans which potentially can offer you with a way to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. A great example of that is the pack of vanilla turboshake at half price offer they have on currently .  The plan operates on refocusing your eating habits in regards to portion-controlled and home-delivered meals that contain just the right amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein. The limited amounts of sodium and sugar ensures you are getting the right amount of important nutrients without having to worry about unhealthy additives or having to worry about blood-sugar spikes.

Who Is Nutrisystem For ?

Its specifically designed for anyone who needs to lose weight, control blood sugar , lower salt ,sugar and calorie intake and prevent the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease , stroked and more .They do this through its low-calorie diet program that requires you to buy pre-made and portioned controlled meals which keep you from snacking on foods that are bad for you. These meals are calorie controlled depending on your profile i.e age, gender, weight, height as well as activity level. This means you do not have to do your own meal preparation or calorie counting.

What Foods Are You Allowed to Consume?

You consume the diet meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as dessert. For frozen meals, you will have to reheat them. You supplement the meals with fresh fruit and vegetables that you purchase yourself and can’t consume alcohol. You are also discouraged from eating out while on the program.

How Does The Program work and How Much does it Cost?

The program is around $300 for a month of meals, but you can get tremendous discounts if you sign up and order through us. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase some of your own groceries to supplement the pre-made meals. Do not worry as all this is well-outlined when you open the first order pack.

So, Will You Lose Weight?

According to a study conducted in 2015, Nutrisystem candidates shed at least 3.8% more weight after 3 months on the diet compared to a control group that received counseling and education. In another study , research was conducted on self-reported weight diaries of obese and overweight clients who embarked on the diet between 2008 and 2009 and utilized online tracking tool to record their respective weights. According to data collected from over 100,000 clients, around 79% of them had lost at least 5% of their initial weight in three months and 21% of them had lost at least 10%.

Is The Program Easy to Follow?

Well, can you reduce the number of times you dine out? Can avoid the temptation of eating what the rest of the family members is eating during most days of the week? Yes, the program is relatively simple, as you don’t count the calories or prepare the food, but you will still have to stick to it, which can be hard for some people. So, it all boils down to discipline and your determination to shed off those extra pounds. Luckily, you get a flex breakfast, lunch, snack as well as dinner every week, and this helps control your occasional cravings.

How To Use The Nutrisystem Discount Codes

Everybody loves Nutrisystem discount codes as the best way to saving money so when you enroll into their award winning Auto-Delivery healthy eating plan, you automatically save yourself on 40% of the standard meal prices. To take advantage of these offers visit us and locate the coupon codes which you can use towards your purchases. A few of these codes can get you discounts of up to 50% in association to a 1 month membership on this program.

Nutrisystem Promo Codes are a great way to save money when you order online since you get a specifically designed program that is supposed to be easy, particularly when using their website. You can order your meals online and the food is conveniently delivered to your home. Here are few simple steps to follow:

  • 28-day plan

Choose the 28-day plan that you prefer and then have the meals pre-selected or you can customize your very own menu to match up to your preferred taste.

  • Get Meals Delivered

The meals will be delivered within a few short days, which means you can quickly start enjoying a healthy lifestyle

  • Weight Loss Tracker

Now track the weight you have lost by following the provided meal planner

Now you are provided with dietary supplements and vitamins to make sure you are obtaining the correct amount of nutrition, while losing weight. You can also take advantage of the free Body Assessment available at the success page online. email me if you need a link .

Sign up for a limited time to receive healthy meals gift cards that are delivered to your home and save money using the promotions and codes we have made available here you you, simply paste the code at checkout or if there isn’t one just follow the discount link. For example get a striiv tracker for a limited time if you sign up but there is no coupon verified code needed for this transaction which is great as you dont have the hassle of expired coupons.

In the end if you can save some money when you make a purchase because we took the time to post an updated deal, then you took the time to google search ,locate us and then use that deal its a total win win scenario . So if you feel you got some bang for buck from MyDealsClub how about sharing or liking us for others to see .We dont have a huge budget for posting up to the minute promos like the ones you have found here so help us to help you. We thank you kindly for doing so.

What Is The Diabetes Plan ?



  • Helps promote weight loss and stabilizes blood sugar

Nutrisystem® D® offers you meal plans with balanced nutrition delivered to your door

  • Low-Glycemic carbs release glucose slowly to help prevent blood suger spikes
  • Low-fat plan to help keep blood sugar levels steady
  • Lean protein fights hunger and helps retain muscle mass
  • We’ll also help you find fun ways to move that are perfect for your fitness level and lifestyle
  • And dont forget you can create a customized menu on any of the basic plan or uniquely yours plan

The offers do vary, so it is important to check back as often as you can to take advantage of all the latest Nutrisystem coupon codes. For the year 2018, one of their latest offers is the Lean13 program that has been created to assist you in losing 13 pounds in the 1st month. The specials for this month include a saving of 40% along with Free bars and shakes and free FedEx shipping, when signing up for the Core, Basic or Uniquely Yours plans.

What’s The Return Policy

The program offers a 14 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can return any remaining food and you are offered with a guaranteed. You will still need to pay for the fedex shipping fees.

The 30 Day Return Policy

You are able to return, non-frozen and unopened food items in 30 days for a full refund, less the shipping.

Here Are Some FAQ’s About Nutrisystem

  • Question : What are the best Deals for existing customers ?

If you are an existing customer there is no difference as such between new customers and existing customers in what you pay but what I would say is that once signed up to their newsletter you will get early access to deals and promos for tax software packages and updates plus other product promotions .

  • Question : What are the best Coupon codes for new customers ?

Personally the “Lose 5 lbs.+1 inch off your waist in your first week” offer is the one I recommend .The deals page for it is linked to at the top of this page , well worth a read to compare.

Question : What Is Turbo13 ?

Turbo13 is a great weight loss starte plan specially designed to help you lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in your first month , We highly recommend it as a great place to start if you are new.

Turbo13 includes the following :

  •  7 days of specially designed breakfasts, lunches and dinners for both men and women
  • 7 TurboShakes for women or 7 Nutri-Pro Shakes for men
  • 7  NutriCurb Bars to curb those carb cravings
  • Question : Which packages are the best value for money ?

The “Lose Weight, Manager Your Diabetes and Get 1 Week of food Free!” deal we outline above at the top of this page represents the best value for money we think.

  • Question : Is there any military discount offers ?

Yes there is , Nutrisystem is proud to thank U.S. active duty and retired military, veterans, National Guard and reservists plus any family members for their service to our great country by offering them deals like special discounts on qualifying bundles for your home and internet .All you have to do is verify eligibility and get instant access.

  • Question : Is Nutrisystem gluten free ?

Currently they do not offer a glutenfree plan at this time , however they do offer some menu items that do not include gluten ingredients. If you call them on the Dietary Services Department at 800-585-5483, ext. 1341, they can provide you with your very own meal plan tailored to your needs and dietary requirements.

  • Question : Are there any other similar programs you recommend I should look into for advice prior to signing up ?


For an all round great performer that is in the same top level league check out the deals we have for Weight Watchers

Article Of The Month :

What Alternatives Do You Recommend ?

You could always check out the medifast diet, weight watchers or the hcg diet for a direct comparison but with its history and track record we think you will find Nutrisystem is the very best weight loss program out of the competition and is our staff pick

We think we have the best and most up to the minute coupons and deals but here are some other places to get them to compare.

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