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Sprint Coupons And Deals To Save 30%

Here at MyDealsClub.com, we have all the best Sprint Promo Codes, offers and coupons for you to choose from.

Sprint is a company that is driven to be the top choice for those who want to save money. They have a choice of plans for the consumer to choose among that are designed to fit a variety of budgets and they have one of the best selections of smartphones available. Very often a customer will be able to get the iPhone or Android they most want for free simply by signing up for one of Sprint’s plans. Sprint is a giant in the telecommunications sprint deals and promo codesindustry and it takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and plans that help their customers save money on phone bills each month. Sprint.com is surely an American household name in wi-fi service and wireless services featuring providers to individuals, businesses and authorities customers. It was rated #6 by Newsweek outside of 500 of the world’s greenest companies. Sprint’s customer satisfaction is ranked extremely high by many people and they also appreciate the big variety of accessories Sprint has to offer.And now here at MyDealsClub, we have all the top Sprint Promo Codes for you to save 10 to 40% and make sure you visit our Black Friday Facebook page for super savings on dozens of deals.

How To Find Coupons And Promo Codes For Sprint Plans

As a customer, you should sign up to receive updates through the email because Sprint will then send you information whenever they have special offers or promo codes. In some cases, Sprint will offer you a free phone when you sign up for a new contract, or they may even buy back your old phone. You may be entitled to a special discount if you switch to Sprint from your current cellular provider. There are also opportunities to get your hands on a new phone through special free express shipping promotions. And don’t forget the certified pre-owned program where you can get fabulous savings on pre-loved phones at the best prices found anywhere and that includes Best Buy

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What Kind Of  Sprint Coupons Can I Get?

From time to time Sprint has deals on phones and phone accessories, like the Samsung galaxy note, iPad mini, LG g3, HTC one e8, select iPads. These deals often offer deep discounts from top manufacturers. You can find latest sprint.com promo deals and couponsthese offers in the clearance section on the Sprint site such as headphones, land cases, activity trackers and many more items can be found for as much as 80% off. If you place your order during the weekdays before 2 p.m. eastern time then you’ll receive your order the next business day and the delivery is free.


Here Are Some FAQ’s About Sprint.com

Does Sprint Offer Free In-Store Pickup?

When someone orders a special deal online, they can arrange to pick up the order at the store and avoid any shipping charges. Commonly, an in-store pickup can be ready in an hour or less. One of the advantages of picking it up from the store is that you can get device training and help from a store specialist.

Does Sprint Offer Contract Buyout?

Sprint wants your business and to help you make a change to their services they offer to pay any cost to you for switching from your current carrier. They will reimburse you by providing a prepaid Visa card for up to $650. You can often get credits for trade-ins on many devices in the form of accessories, a new phone, and with your Sprint account bill.

Can I Get Upgrades For iPhone?

The iPhone forever plan by Sprint allows the user to get the latest iPhone and to upgrade to the next generation for free each year. A customer will pay a monthly fee and they will get upgrades automatically when the next iPhone is released.

Whats Sales Do Sprint Have?

Sprint is almost always running a sale and still offers an array of coupons and promo codes Sprint customers new and old will love to get their hands on. They always have deals for new customers and on their top family plans as well as on phones and various services. All you need to do is take a look at their website to see what sales they have going on at the time.

How Much Will I Save If I Switch To Sprint?

When you switch to Sprint from Verizon or AT&T Internet or T-Mobile, you can get half off on similar plans. Commonly you will have to sign up for a minimum of 4 lines but it’s still a great discount. You can get some of Sprint’s best phones for $100 off on things like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, etc. Be sure to check out our top range of Verizon Fios Deals For New and existing customers and get the award-winning Fios today.

What Are The Most Popular Sprint Phones Offering Coupons Or Discounts?

iPad Air 2 – $200 off 

For a limited time, new customers of Sprint or existing customers can save $200 on a 9.7 inch iPad Air 2 and pair it with Unlimited data for just $15/mo.

Get 100 off a tablet, usual exclusions apply but also see free activation offers today.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5  for $15/month

  • Get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for only $15 a month! Requires 24-month installment billing.

HTC 10 $10/month

  • Get a new HTC 10 for only $10 a month! Requires 24-month installment billing.

Galaxy S8 – 50% Off

  • For a limited time, switch to Sprint and save 50% instantly on a Samsung Galaxy S8 lease! Plus with Galaxy Forever, you can upgrade to the latest Galaxy any time after 12 lease payments.Now just $15.63/mo. For 18 months! GS8 $15.63/mo. For 18 months. For well-qualified customers with lease and a new line with the port in on Unlimited Freedom.Switch to Sprint and get four lines for $22.50/mo. Per line! Plus for a limited time, your 5th line is free! It’s our best deal, and 50% off Verizon and AT&T Unlimited rates for a family of 4 or 5!Savings until 6/30/18; then $60/mo. For line 1, $40/mo. For line 2 and $30/mo./line for lines 3-5. With Autopay discount applied w/in 2 inv. Savings claim compared advertised Verizon Unlimited and AT&T Unlimited Plus rates for four lines as of 5/17/17. Carriers’ features differ. Other monthly charges apply.**

    Unlimited Freedom – 5 Lines for $90

    Switch to Sprint and get four lines for $22.50/month per line! Plus for a limited time, your 5th line is FREE! It’s our best deal and 50% off Verizon and AT&T Unlimited rates for a family of 4 or 5!

    Includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Streams video at up to HP 1080p, music at up to 1.5mbps, gaming at up to 8 Mbps. Data deprioritization during congestion. MHS, P2P and VPN reduced to 2G speeds after 10GB/mo. Savings until 6/30/18; then $60/mo. For line 1, $40/mo. For line 2 and $30/mo./line for lines 3-5.

    With Autopay discount applied w/in 2 inv. Savings claim compared to advertised Verizon Unlimited and AT&T Unlimited Plus rates for four lines as of 5/17/18. Carriers’ features differ. Other monthly charges apply.**

    How Does The Buy Back Program Work With Sprint?

    You can get as much as $300 in credit whenever you trade-in eligible used phones, tablets or accessories. You can trade in up to 3 phones per line and a maximum of 5 per year. Sprint recycles these items so don’t leave them in a drawer collecting dust, trade them in today, after all, we cant leave a small footprint on the planet with all that technology waste, can we? Sprint’s recycling program partners with significant charities via Sprint Project Connect so that old cellphone and electronics never end up in the landfill so now you can do your small bit for the environment as well as save some more money with Sprint.com

What Is Sprint Flex Lease?

Sprint’s leasing option is a little different from the stock standard contract where you pay a little each month for the life on the contract toward the sprint.com flex lease programhandset, then at the end of the contract, the phone is yours. Where sprint differs is that you still pay a set amount but this is to lease the phone and not go toward the cost of owning it.Typically this period would be for the 18th period after which time the carrier still owns the phone and you give it back. You can opt to purchase it at this time and the cost would be approx between $150 – $200 or 25% of the purchase price. You do have to pay this in one lump sum or you can split this into 6 monthly payments.

Sprint Free Shipping Policy

FREE shipping applies to all phone orders. Flat-rate shipping applies to addresses in the United States on all other orders.

Sprint Return Policy

Any product purchased on the site can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Return shipping is not refunded, and a restocking fee will be applied to opened items.

Where Else Can I Get Great Deals On Smartphones And Accessories?

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Our Conclusion: Sprint.com Offers Great Coupons And Is The “Premier Provider” In Modern Telecommunications

We hope to have made the decision of signing up to Sprint.com easy and think we have covered every possible question you may have about this premier provider but we would encourage you to contact us if you need any additional information or advice on our contact page here at mydealsclub.com