Viasat Internet

About Viasat Internet High-speed satellite internet service is provided by Viasat Internet (previously Exede). This kind of internet service, particularly fiber or cable internet, isn’t as fast or dependable as others due to the vast distances that data must travel. Satellite internet, on the other hand, has a significant benefit in terms of availability, especially […]

Verizon Fios

ABOUT VERIZON FIOS Table of Contents Verizon Fios was one of the first internet service providers to provide residential customers genuine “Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) Internet access in 2005. They will be accessible to 34.8 million people in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and six additional states by the year 2021. Most consumers choose […]


About HughesNet Services HughesNet is one of two main satellite Internet providers in the United States, and it covers 53 states countrywide. Their satellite Internet service is one of the best choices for consumers in remote areas who don’t have access to reliable wired internet. HughesNet’s download rates have risen to 25 Mbps in recent […]

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet Services: A Professional Overview Throughout most of the United States, AT&T provides wired broadband internet through IPBB (DSL and fiber hybrid) and Fiber networks. They now have the largest network footprints in California, Texas, Illinois, and 18 other states, with a population of 122.5 million people served. They provide digital TV, digital landline […]