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Written by Mike Piper Updated for February 2021 And Fact Checked for accuracy

Best AAA TurboTax Discount Coupons: How To Get $20 Off Now!111 1

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Here is a list of all the updated Turbotax discount links as of January 2021,these come direct from our partners at Turbotax . There is no specific AAA discount link , simply select from the list below and click the appropriate link for you.

Thanks for supporting us in 2020 tax season , we will be back with the latest Turbotax deals and offer for next season when we have been handed them  

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What Are AAA TurboTax Coupons?

While these coupons are normally not tax-deductible, being an AAA (American Automobile Association) member presents you with tons of benefits. Apart from roadside assistance, there are so many other unique discounts that AAA members can TurboTax Member Coupons- Are They Available

Although travel discounts, like rental cars and hotels, are well known, members can still enjoy discounts on many other times like tax software.

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TurboTax Discounts For AAA Members

  • Who is eligible? Any active AAA member is eligible for a $20 discount or even more when he or she directly download any of the available TurboTax editions from the AAA website.
    TurboTax: Enjoy $10 to $20 (and more) off. No service codes required.
  • What AAA discounts Are Available: Enjoy different travel discounts for your region by visiting Simply enter your area code and hit go.
  • AAA Mid-Atlantic TurboTax Discounts: Up to 10% off for Mid-Atlantic region members. For Canadian members get all the Canadian TurboTax coupons here .)

To enjoy partner discounts, prepare your taxes on the TurboTax website provided by AAA instead of, which may require you to pay a non-affiliate fee.
Visit the special TurboTax site provided by AAA and then click on the TurboTax icon or link. This will redirect you to AAA’s TurboTax-branded affiliate website with American Automobile Association TurboTax Couponsdiscounted pricing. Select your product, then sign in to start your tax returns. When you reach the “Review your order” screen, which is at the File Section, you will see AAA’s discounted price followed by a “your discount has been applied” message.

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It is important to note that AAA agents cannot issue or apply refunds for any affiliate discounts if the return was filed at the official website. Turbotax offers a program for everyone including turbotax small business which is very popular with members who are either self employed or operate small to medium size companies
What about the other offers that come from Intuit this year? All the offers mentioned above are currently the only deals we track; however, that does not mean that others do not exist. If you are an active AAA member, then make sure to contact your nearest AAA office to find out if they still have the AAA-affiliated TurboTax discount available in the location (they used to offer one not so long ago). If you already are a club member, then you know that AAA offers some excellent discounts when it comes to travel and other things like vacation packages, hotels, and car insurance and if you are a Student you can get an instant $25 off as well with our Turbotax Student Discount.

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If you are interested in enjoying the great discounts active AAA members enjoy, then make sure that you visit your AAA online account to see all the available options. If you do not have one, then you’ll need your membership card to sign up for one. Simply click on the sign-up button found on the AAA homepage and fill in your details. Once logged in, visit your local AAA-club page for more information.

Are you a member of either of these institutions? if so follow the appropriate link to get a Turbotax discount for a higher tier product as each offers its members and customer a discount link, find out how to get yours today

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