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Written by Mike Piper

About TurboTax Free Edition Online

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Intuit as well as the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation are proud sponsors of the TurboTax Freedom Edition. Free online tax preparation as well as electronic filing is offered by TurboTax Freedom Edition to hard working Americans as well as their families who have met the yearly requirements for eligibility that are announced at the onset of each tax season. Over the last seventeen years via TurboTax Freedom Edition, over twenty million tax returns have been completed. What is the difference between Freedom Edition and TurboTax Freedom Edition? Full Online Free Edition Feature List of TurboTax Federal

Part of the TurboTax Online product lineup, TurboTax Freedom Edition is intended for returns that are very simple. ( note we have all the top listed Turbo Tax Coupon Codes right here so you can save 30 to 40 % on the paid version of Turbotax. )There are no income returns as there are with Freedom Edition. There are upgrades as well as add-ons available, for example; Audit Defense and TurboTax PLUS. Regardless of the complexity of the tax returns, TurboTax Freedom Edition is aimed towards filers of lower-incomes, it is offered via the IRS FFA (Free File Alliance) program. There is no charge for state returns and there is no availability to upgrade. Canadians can get all the TurboTax coupon codes here .)

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When it Comes to TurboTax Freedom Edition, Why Am I Being Charged?

For simple tax returns such as 1040-A or 1040-EZ with a deduction that is standard, TurboTax Freedom Edition is a solution that is free of cost. If you upgrade to a version that is higher-tiered or if you select add-ons such as the ones mentioned above, there will be additional costs. It is best to begin by reviewing your fees, this will help you get an itemized breakdown of what you are being charges. Then, by following the instructions below, you can remove any add-ons prior to paying.

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Here is a list of the online features in the Federal Free Edition:

By answering simple questions about your life, your experience will be personalised so that you receive every deduction and credit you deserve. Wherever and whenever
your taxes will be properly taken care of whenever needed and whenever required. It is simple to switch from one device to the next and pick up right where you left off in a secure manner and at a moment that is convenient for you.

Tax Deductions Available For Your Dependants

We will advise you as to who qualifies as a dependant, we will the assist you in finding deductions that will save on taxes such as EIC (Earned Income Credit) , Child and Dependent Care Credit as well as child tax credit. Once you federal taxes have been completed, your information is transferred over to the state return her you are assisted with completing them in a fast and easy manner. (*there could be applicable fees) and if you require “one on one” help then get TurboTax Live and save $20 with coupons we offer as well.

Not Necessary To Make An Appointment — Take It At Your Own Pace

You can either complete your tax return in a single visit or bit by bit. As you go along, your progress is automatically saved, picking up where you left off is an easy option.

 Your Information Is Safe

Safeguarding your personal information is one of the things we are dedicated to. Our site is tested daily to ensure your security, the most advanced technology is used and our Privacy Team is highly dedicated.

View Your Tax Refund In Real Time

Your state and federal tax refunds, or taxes due are displayed and updated as you complete your income taxes, you will always be aware of where you stand.

E-File Free of Charge: Obtain the Fastest Possible Tax Refund

Your federal and state tax returns can be e-filed with a direct deposit, this will get you the fastest possible tax refund. It includes five federal e-files that are free of charge.

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