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What Is LifeMart And Do They Offer Turbotax Promo Deals?

Lifemart is a proprietary, exclusive discount shopping website. It helps employees manage their everyday needs by providing them with real savings. It provides discounts to local retailers and brand-name products and services that are recognized nationally.

There are several discount programs and coupons offered by LifeMart. It is now more affordable to file your taxes because LifeMart has teamed up with TurboTax. Use their #1 best-selling tax software to get your taxes done right. It can save you around $20 on TurboTax online government products. For all the best discounts offered by Turbotax just scroll up and see what we have listed as these are the most up to date deals and promotion offers for Turbotax

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Discontinued Turbotax Offers

The banks offered several turbotax service code options in the past, but the banks no longer offer them. For example, one of these deals and discounts is the one put together back in 2014 and 2015, which was called the Suntrust TurboTax offer. Others have now been discontinued such as the Vanguard TurboTax discount and the Schwab TurboTax discount. Additionally, Capital One offers to pay and file tax returns for free for some of its customers. Not every customer will qualify. However, on February 1st, 2020, Capital One launched a partnership with H&R Block. This partnership allows some customers to get the H&H Block Premium product at no cost.

Lifemart Turbotax Service Code

Tips for Saving on TurboTax With Your Discover Credit Card

Apart from the deals mentioned above, it is possible to save even more money. How? You pay for your TurboTax Software using a qualifying credit card at checkout. We recommend you log in to your online account to know if your favorite card has a fixed discount or an extra percentage when you use it for your TurboTax purchase.

For instance, let’s assume your favorite card is a Cash Back Discover Card. 1% to 5% back purchases are offered by most cards. However, you should check the offers or rewards sections for more savings from TurboTax when you log in to your online Discover Card account. We have seen that several large banks and financial institutions offer great perks when you use a qualified card because they have teamed with TurboTax this season.

Here is a list of Banks that have offered a discount link to members in the past , some of them no longer do so please check with the institution