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TaxSlayer Review

TaxSlayer’s pricing strategy is unique in that it costs based on the amount of assistance you need rather than the capabilities of a software package. To put it another way, the lowest paid package deals with all of the same tax issues and paperwork as the most costly plan.
TaxSlayer is a low-cost tax preparation service that improves year after year. Read further to see why we rate Tax Slayer in our top 5 Best Tax Software for individuals list. Returning users will notice a more useful home page and a less stressful e-filing procedure, but not much more context-sensitive assistance. What about a deal , does TaxSlayer offer any discounts or deals ? In short yes they do , check out all the best Taxslayer coupons and deals  on our site for a better discount using TaxSlayer.

TaxSlayer Features

Some features and capabilities are accessible in all editions of TaxSlayer’s online software, while others are only available in the Classic, Premium, or Self-Employed versions. Depending on the version of the programme you select, here’s a sample of what you may get.

Simply Free $0

The federal tax return is free, as is the first state tax return.

If you have a basic tax situation and wish to file your federal and first state return for free, Simply Free is an excellent choice. It enables you to import prior-year tax returns from another tax agency and will use a student loan interest deduction and education credits to attempt to optimise your refund. During tax season, free phone and email assistance is also available.

Classic $24.95

$24.95 for the classic. Because it may be utilised for virtually any tax scenario, TaxSlayer’s most popular plan. This is the most cost-effective option if you are comfortable completing your taxes with little assistance. It allows you to import W-2 forms or upload PDF files.

Premium $44.95

Premium may be a suitable match if you’re a first-time tax filer or know you’ll need assistance with a more complex tax situation. You’ll get priority assistance for technical questions, which means you won’t have to wait as long. You’ll get limitless phone or email tax advice from an in-house tax expert, as well as help if the IRS audits you.
You can probably complete your taxes using Classic or Premium if you’re self-employed, however this option comes with a little additional assistance for self-employed people. You may utilise a deduction maximizer, which is intended to assist you in identifying tax-deductible expenditures. You’ll also get access to a tax pro who specialises in self-employment returns.
To use live chat support, you’ll need the Premium or Self-Employed software. With the Premium or Self-Employed editions, you can additionally get Priority Support and the Ask a Tax Pro service.

Best TaxSlayer Alternatives

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H&R Block

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Are There Any Hidden Fees ?

You’ll need to file with the state. You’ll have to pay an extra $39.95 per state if you reside in one of the majority of states that requires you to file state income taxes as well. You may have to pay for several state returns if you resided or worked in more than one state.

TaxSlayer User Experience – How To Use TaxSlayer

On the left, TaxSlayer Classic has a vertical toolbar that divides the site into its main parts, such as Federal, Health Insurance, and State. Except for certain submenus under Federal, it does not go into further depth. You must choose the Select My Forms option rather than the step-by-step interview to see what kinds of subjects are addressed under a heading.
It’s simple to join TaxSlayer. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your finances for the tax year in question once you create an account using your email address and personal information. W-2s, 1099s, 1098-Ts, and any other income or expenditure receipts that may be deductible will be required. A document upload option is available in TaxSlayer, however it only accepts a limited number of forms and isn’t always functional.

Follow these steps to purchase TaxSlayer.

  • Visit the home page to discover more about each of the items that are offered.
  • Select “File for Free” or “Start for Free” from the drop-down menu: Click the green “File for Free” or “Start for Free”button, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Create an account by following these steps: To create an account, enter your email address, username, password, and phone number.
  • Please sign the following legal disclaimer: After you establish an account, you’ll be sent to a page where you’ll be asked to read and electronically sign a legal disclaimer.
  • Start filing: Begin the filing procedure; after you’ve finished it, pay at the conclusion.

TaxSlayer Customer Service And Support

Unlimited phone and email assistance is included with all TaxSlayer products. However, this assistance is limited to software-related technical issues. You’ll need to upgrade to Premium or Self-Employed if you have tax issues and want to contact a tax expert.

TaxSlayer’s commercial packages differ in terms of support level rather than features. It’s worth noting that, although phone and email tech support is free, the most useful kind of assistance – tax assistance — is only available to Premium and Self-Employed customers. Ask a Tax Pro is the name of the service, and customers submit their inquiries via their TaxSlayer accounts; unlike some other providers, it is not an on-screen experience.

Because TaxSlayer Classic covers all of the main IRS forms and schedules, some users may need assistance. At the Classic level, the site offers phone and email support, but they should only be used as a last option for tax filers. It’s generally quicker to study instructional resources that are close at hand, and one of the major tasks of any tax website targeted at customers is to provide them in an easy-to-understand manner.

You may access TaxSlayer’s tax resources, such as the Tax Refund Calculator, IRS Resources, and Supported Forums, regardless of whatever plan you select.

What Is the TaxSlayer Warranty?

TaxSlayer provides a variety of assurances, including the following:

  • Guaranteed Maximum Refund

TaxSlayer will reimburse the money you paid on its software if you get a bigger refund or are assessed a lower tax obligation after utilising another tax programme with the same data. The Simply Free bundle is exempt from this guarantee.

  • Accuracy Guarantee

IRS fines and costs due to calculation mistakes will be paid by TaxSlayer. The guarantee does not apply if it is discovered that you submitted information incorrectly.

If you upgrade to a premium tier and utilise TaxSlayer’s File & Go option, the costs for your tax preparation will be taken from your tax return, eliminating the need to pay with a credit card.

Pros and Cons Of TaxSlayer

  • All types in the Classic category provide excellent value.
  • All premium programmes include one year of IRS assistance.
  • The interface and navigation are simple to use.
  • All main IRS forms and schedules are supported
  • A solid foundation of knowledge
  • The main page has been improved, as has the e-filing procedure.
  • The free tier isn’t as feature-rich as those offered by other tax software firms.
  • For certain versions, live chat assistance isn’t accessible.
  • Integrations with third-party applications are not supported.
  • There is no possibility to import data from brokerage companies or other sources.
  • A free state tax return is not included in the military edition.

Final Verdict

It all boils down to the features you want and the price you’re willing to pay when choosing whether to use TaxSlayer or another tax software. TaxAct, TurboTax, and H&R Block all have more features than TaxSlayer, but they also cost more, as you can see. That’s something to think about, particularly if you don’t think you’ll need many extra features to do your taxes.

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