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Written by Mike Piper

Click Any Link Below To Get The Best TurboTax Discount For Bank of America Customers

Here is a list of all the updated and current turbotax service code links for 2021 ,these come direct from our partners at Turbotax . Simply select from the list below and click the appropriate link for you.

Thanks for supporting us in 2020 tax season , we will be back with the latest Turbotax deals and offer for next season when we have been handed them  

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Those who currently bank with Bank of America was able to get a bit of a discount when filing their taxes through the TurboTax system for quite a few years. Although it may seem impossible to get a good discount now in 2021, there are still ways to get a good deal when using this type of software , see the link above for our service codes for state and premier, once activated these deals will help you save money.

At a point in time, Bank of America announced the discount for TurboTax. The discount code allowed members to get up to 35% off the total for filing taxes, which is huge savings. However, information on that particular discount is not featured on the website anymore. Although the code has been removed, it’s possible that you’ll receive an email from the banking institute with details about discounts for TurboTax if they’re offered in the near future. For a more general discount check out our service codes & discounts for Turbotax page

Hint: Other banks like Chase bank also offer a similar discount link for Turbotax

turbotax discount bank of america to save 30%

So having established you won’t find codes or discounts directly on the Bank of America website, do not let that discourage you from trying to get a decent discount before filing your taxes which is where MydealsClub comes in as list all the latest and most up to date service codes for Turbotax on this site. The truth is that Bank of America was once partnered with TurboTax, which allowed them to provide such a fantastic discounted offer to all their members. However, they’ve since ended that partnership, which means deals and discounts may not be readily available or exclusively offered only to the Bank of America members. (For our Canadian members get all the TurboTax discount coupons here .)

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It’s important to know that TurboTax often partners up with some of the leading banking institutes on a yearly basis to provide deals and help out the consumers. The primary purpose of the partnership is to give discounts out to those who are going to use TurboTax to complete and submit their taxes from home instead of going elsewhere to file their taxes. Bank of America may have decided to void the partnership, but there may still be some discounts offered to everyone, including those who choose to bank elsewhere. But for those not connected with Bank Of America, the best option for you might just be the free e-filing edition Turbotax offers. For more on Which Turbotax Is Right For Me see our full article so you get the right version

How Do Bank of America Customers Use TurboTax Discounts?

The process is very straightforward, let us outline it here for you:

  • Log in to your BankofAmerica account as per normal
  • Click on partner discounts found on the main screen ( see image above )
  • The details of the TurboTax discount should now appear
  • Click on get discount to go to the offer
  • There are two links to choose from, Click either CD/download or Online for discount pricing available

If you’d like to see if any new discounts are being offered, log into your account with any banking institution, even if it’s not Bank of America, for example, there is a Turbotax Amazon Gift Cards promotion worth reading as you may be eligible for a free gift card. You won’t necessarily see such offers on the TurboTax website, so there’s no reason to log into your account with TurboTax unless you’re ready to start the filing process. Once you’ve logged into the banking system, browse the full site and then use the navigation bar to look for any discounts that might be offered.turbotax discount codes

It’s possible that you’ll see an advertisement for TurboTax on the site. The ad may mention something about getting a discount if you click the link, so make sure you click that link to find out more information about the offer. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to save some of your money while still filing your taxes at home using the convenient TurboTax software instead of paying someone else to do it all for you.

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