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Updated January 2022 And Fact Checked for accuracy

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service code for TurbotaxCLICK HERE FOR –Obtenez jusqu’à 10% de rabais quand vous déclarez vos impôts avec TurboTax!

Obtenez jusqu’à 10% de rabais quand vous déclarez vos impôts avec TurboTax! (Valide jusqu’au 30/4/2022)

Turbotax Canada Coupons – 2021 and 2021 Options

The best tax preparation software in Canada has been Turbotax for a number of years now , its cheaper than the rest and has all round does a better job than the competition  . Intuit has made improvements to the software in rececnt times and now as a partner we help to spread the word by offering the top Turbotax Canada coupons . Just remember if you are a resident of the Unites States that we have all the top Turbotax coupons and promo codes for you listed here.

About TurboTax Canada

TurboTax Canada Service Codes

TurboTax provides some of the finest tax software systems for individuals and businesses in Canada. The system is accurate, user-friendly, and reliable compared to most of its competitor products. In fact, TurboTax is the best-selling tax software system in Canada for more than 15 years now( read our review of Turbotax for more details ) . The system is quite easy to use and designed for both PC and Mac. The maximum refund guarantee of the system helps give your money back if you owe lesser taxes using any other software system or you get a bigger refund. You can enjoy a huge discount on the system by purchasing the software today.

Make sure you choose your TurboTax software and start filing right now!

You can file your personal taxes with the TurboTax CD or their online

TurboTax Canada Business promotions

edition. If you are filing late, you have the option to order the previous editions of Personal Income software. File our self-employment income online or perform your business taxes using TurboTax Business on CD. You may also use TurboTax’s tax tips to know about preparing your taxes accurately and claiming credits. It also comes with a tax refund calculator to estimate your tax refund. You should trust a company that is thorough in Canadian law and regulations when filing your taxes. In fact, you can buy TurboTax inexpensively with its online discount coupons.

Canada’s Free Online Version

If you only have a simple tax return, you should opt for the free edition of TurboTax. Even though this edition doesn’t have an income limit, it is good only for simple tax returns. Use NETFILE to get your refund within 8 days.

Canadian Incorporated Small Business Taxes

You may have unique tax requirements if you run an incorporated company. We can guide you step-by-step in the process with Canadian government-approved business expenses and forms.

Free Corporation Internet Filing To The CRA

When you file your returns online for free, there is no need for printing and mailing your returns. TurboTax Business permits you to have access to Corporation Internet Filing. They will guide you through the process when filing your tax return. You will get an immediate confirmation from the CRA when your return is completed.

Got a question ? why not check out Turbotax Canada on facebook , they typically answer within minutes

Turbotax Canada FAQ’s

In the following section, we will be answering all of the frequently asked questions regarding TurboTax Canada.

Question : Is TurboTax Canada accurate?

TurboTax has been the No. 1 best-selling tax software in Canada for more than 20 years. TurboTax has assisted more Canadians with finding more deductions compared to any other tax prep method or tax software. They guarantee 100% accurate calculations. If you end up having to pay a penalty due to a TurboTax calculation, then TurboTax guarantees they will reimburse you for the interest and penalty.

Question : Who Is TurboTax Premier For And What Are Its Main Benefits?

TurboTax Premier $34.99 per tax return

TurboTax Premier is a very reliable and easy solution to suit all your needs, including claiming rental property, investment, and personal income. This solution takes all of the confusion out of needing to claim various expenses:

  • Mortgage Interest
  • Rental Properties
  • Insurance Fees
  • Maintenance Costs

Question : Who Is TurboTax Standard For And What Are Its Main Benefits

$34.99 For 8 Tax Returns

TurboTax Standard is For individual, student and family tax returns TurboTax Standard offers step-by-step guidance and asks simple questions to accurately and easily handle your changing tax situation.

Generally used for families, students, and individual returns the standard package covers most Canadians who’s tax position has not changed much in the last 12 mths

  • New Parent
  • Student
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Tuition Costs
  • Transit Passes

Question : Which TurboTax Canada solution do I need?

It comes down to what your personal situation is. The Premier and Standard versions that we just outline will handle 95% of Canada’s population. However, I put the following general checklist together for your reference.

  • Basic

Income, a couple of deductions

  • Deluxe

Basic, with a searchable deduction maximizer added. Over 350 credits and deductions are included, in addition to a tool for checking charitable donation values.

  • Premier

Deluxe with additional tools for calculating gains and losses from employee stock plans, mutual funds, bonds, and stocks.

  • Home and Business

Premier, along with assistance for small business owners for completing Schedule C.

Question : Where can I purchase TurboTax Canada?

I’m glad you asked , Mydealsclub offers a wide range of coupons for TurboTax Canada. Just click at the top of the page and then apply the discount when you receive your refund.

Question : Can I install TurboTax Canada on more than one computer?

Yes, your same TurboTax copy can be installed and activated on three different computer. For instance, if your version of TurboTax includes 8 paid tax returns and you filed 3 returns already form one computer, and then 2 from another computer, you will only be able to file another 3 returns on a third computer.

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