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TurboTax Discount For Uber Drivers

TurboTax Discount For Uber Drivers

If you drive for popular rideshare service Uber, you may not realize that you can get a specialized discount on TurboTax preparation and filing software. In fact, there are even some additional coupons available to you that can help you amass even larger savings. Key information on how to use the Uber discount follows below.

Uber drivers are afforded a series of unique discounts on TurboTax services, and it is worthwhile learning how best to take full advantage of them. The self-employed version of the popular tax software is providing an additional discount opportunity for those who drive for the service. In order to obtain the price break, simply log into your own Uber account as a driver, select “Tax Information” at the top . Click “Start for Free,” which is located right near the TurboTax logo. Savings produced through the discount will be applied when it comes time to check out.

Many Uber drivers are also members of the AAA , we also offer  the latest aaa turbotax discount offers for you to check out .You will at least receive a discount of $20 off, and there are even certain drivers who may have the ability to file their returns at no cost at all. If you experience difficulties securing your discount, just log into your driver account and hit the TurboTax link.

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Will Some Drivers File For Free?

Qualifying drivers may be able to secure the Self-Employed version of its software for free. In order to verify your own eligibility, log into your account and, again, hit the TurboTax link.

Uber Turbotax Discount Not Working ?

Important: To use your discount, you need go to TurboTax from your Uber driver dashboard. Select Tax Information from your driver dashboard to access TurboTax. To view your tax return, don’t go straight to the TurboTax website. You’ll need to pick TurboTax Self-Employed or TurboTax Self-Employed Live as the version of TurboTax to use for your tax return after you’ve accessed TurboTax from your Uber driver dashboard. If you don’t already have a TurboTax account, you’ll need to create one here before you can begin working on your return.

Is A Service Code Required?

You will not need any type of service code to obtain your TurboTax discount for Uber drivers. Just by navigating to the “tax information” area of the Uber account and heeding the instructions, you will receive the lowest price for which you qualify.

Generally speaking, service codes are only issued by company customer support in certain circumstances, so if you have not received one, you likely are not required to use one.

Additional TurboTax Discount Opportunities

Though you can maximize your savings by using the Uber TurboTax discount, there are additional routes through which you can obtain real savings without a service code. It may be that your existing financial institution provides a discount of their own, which may amount to upwards of $20 off the software. Also worth consideration is Quickbooks Online , MyDealsClub also has exclusive Quickbooks online coupons  for big savings this tax season ahead.

College students, military members, and others may also be eligible to file for free or at reduced prices. Membership organizations such as costco , AARP and AAA regularly offer discounts on TurboTax products through their own websites, so make sure to check them out as well.

Uber Driver Benefits

Some of the incredible benefits available to Uber drivers include things like tips for maximizing mileage deductions and how to decide between standard mileage and actual mileage.

TurboTax can also provide assistance in how to make the most of available operational expense deductions for Uber drivers.

It should be noted that Uber does not give tax filing advice, and that TurboTax is the source of any tips ultimately provided to participants.

Bear in mind that the TurboTax Self-Employed version is the one that makes the most sense for Uber and Lyft drivers to use when tax time comes around. This is because it includes the tips and tools necessary to obtain all of the unique deduction opportunities applicable to those who work for rideshare companies.

As any Uber driver will attest, the costs involved in this line of work go far beyond simply paying for road tolls and gasoline. Fortunately, many of the vehicle maintenance and other expenses commonly paid by such individuals are indeed included in available tax deductions. The key to ensuring that you do not leave any potential tax breaks on the table and to utilize the Turbo Tax Self-Employed edition.

Filing tax returns is always a daunting proposition even under the most conventional of circumstances. For Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers, the task can be even more confusing given the maze of possible deductions and credits potentially available in a particular year. In addition, hiring a professional accountant to take a close look at a return is not something that many rideshare drivers can afford. Taking advantage of a service such as TurboTax can be the perfect way to maximize deductions and improve accuracy every time taxes are filed.

Utilizing a TurboTax discount designed specifically for Uber drivers is an ideal way to reap the benefits of experienced tax advisors, enjoy the convenience of preparing and filing taxes from home, and rest in the confidence of knowing that the job has been done right and at an affordable price.

Securing the TurboTax Uber discount could not be easier, and it is incumbent on every driver-partner to utilize this opportunity to their best advantage. Because not every available deduction is obvious to someone who does not work in the tax preparation field, there really is nothing better than having expert advice at your fingertips to help guide the way.

Before tax day comes around, make sure to head to the TurboTax logo in your Uber account and get your discount locked in today.