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TurboTax Military Discount – Get USAA Service Codes And Free Discounts

Updated March 2019 And Fact Checked for accuracy

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aaa TurboTax Member Coupons- Are They Available

TurboTax free and military discount editions are customized for reservists and active duty personnel. This not only ensures that you receive the free e-file and lowest price on TurboTax software, but also as a U.S. military member enables you to get every possible deduction and file your taxes.


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For service members who are in the E-1 to E-5 ranks, you can file both your state and federal taxes for free using the TurboTax Online Deluxe or Federal Free Edition. For guidance on small business deductions and income, rental properties and investments, TurboTax have a $5 off discount that it is offering for its Home & Business and Online Premier packages. Senior enlisted personnel in the E-6 to officer ranks are included in the discount also and receive a $5 off discount on all of the TurboTax 2018 online federal products. Read full-length Turbotax reviews to learn all about the deductions available so don’t miss that article If you are in a higher pay grade, it is still possible for you to receive free State and Federal (as long as you meet their income requirements) for the upcoming FREEDOM Edition (but not on the regular Free Edition) that will start in the middle of January. USAA members (United Services Automobile Association) and civilians can get the best price also by using the current featured turbo tax service code or coupon. And For Canadian members get all the TurboTax deals here.

What Are The Latest Turbotax Service Code USAA Options?

Well, its a little too early to say at this point in 2018 but the USAA ( UnitedStates Automobile Association) serves the needs of thousands of military men and women who give their time and lives to dedicate to our national safety and security of our country. But stay tuned as we will add the latest USAA coupons and discounts for Turbotax as soon as they send them to us ahead of the tax season.

Claim Your TurboTax Military Voucher Discount Today

After you have determined which discounts you qualify for by reading our review of Turbotax, it is straightforward to claim them. Be sure to provide your military W-2 so that your rank can be verified, and then the discount is applied when your return is filed. The offer is only offered for TurboTax online, For more information, visit TurboTax directly.

Tax Filing Customized For You

uncle sam service tax code usaaTurboTax, in addition to offering their military discount, is also proud to partner up with you to make sure you get the maximum refund possible on your taxes this year.

It includes the following:

  • TurboTax will file your civilian income (where applicable) along with your military income, which includes combat pay.
  • TurboTax software will look for military-related expenses so ensure you don’t miss any credits or deductions
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders are supported by your personal experience to help you determine what your state of residence is.
  • Through these military offerings from TurboTax, we are hoping to show our appreciation for all that you do – and we will keep striving to make sure you get the refund that you deserve.


The Following Are Military Tax Filing Tips Offered By TurboTax:

  1. Combat Pay – There is a federal tax exemption for pay earned in combat zones.
  2. Earned Income Tax Credit Special Provision – Military members may elect to use non-taxable pay so that they can qualify for EITC credits (can be significant savings).TurboTax Military Discount voucher coupons
  3. Moving Deductions – If may be possible for active duty service members to deduct unreimbursed moving expenses that are reasonable and if the move was for mandatory PCS.
  4. Travel Deductions – Reserve and National Guard members might be able to claim unreimbursed travel expenses on their taxes if they are traveling over 100 miles to perform required job duties (more information on deducting travel related to Reserve duties).
  5. Deductions for Uniforms – Reserve and National Guard members might be able to deduct the maintenance and cost of uniforms if they are not allowed to wear the uniforms while they are not on duty.
  6. Waived Penalties  -When a military member gets called to active duty and a financial hardship is caused by this, the 10% penalty tax on an early withdrawal can be waived on a retirement account such as an IRA.
  7. Job Search Expenses –  When a member of the military is transitioning into civilian life, he or she might be able to deduct certain job search related expenses like outplacement agency fees, resume preparation and travel.
  8. Charitable Donations – Charitable donations that are deducted automatically from your paycheck can be claimed.
  9. TurboTax For Canadian Residents – See our Coupons and deals page for all eligible deductions plus discounted deals

Other Free Turbotax Resources To Checkout

Conclusion: Free Turbotax Tax Center Discounts Can Save $20 Or More

Thanks for taking the time to read this far down , as you know from reading the above we aim to bring you all the top military deals in 2018 so bookmark us and come back in tax season and save money with any of the deals we offer our readers.

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