Verizon Fios Review: What Should You Consider Before Subscribing

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$70 Per Month 1 GBPS Fiber Broadband Verizon Fios

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Verizon Fios Review Of Their Gigabit Fiber-Optic Service

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A recent innovation in the realm of fiber optic communications, Verizon’s FiOS offers residential consumers the long-awaited opportunity to harness some of the fastest speeds for downloading and uploading on the internet as well as streaming TV and telephone services all bundled with one provider.In this Verizon review, we aim to answer many of the common questions surrounding speeds, pricing, choice, plans, packages, fees and a whole lot more.

Verizon Fios Review - Does It Stack Up ?


Why Does FiOS Stand Apart From The Crowd?

Review Of Verizon FiosOne of the reasons why FiOS is so highly regarded for customer satisfaction is the fact that it offers end-to-end fiber networking. It is indisputable that fiber cabling is the cream of the crop in terms of transporting data digitally. It is much better than old-fashioned analog formats such as DSL and coaxial cable. The majority of the Internet is comprised of fiber networks, though the final stretch of the typical Internet and residential homes has long been traversed by cables already in place for the purpose of providing phone and television services.

Faster Speeds And Service From Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is capable of providing speed to which customers may not be accustomed, something which certainly helps it top all competitors. Even the lowest FiOS service tier of 50 Mbps ranks close to the highest level offered by other ISPs. The top FiOS tier of 500 Mbps is among the quickest Internet speeds available anywhere. While there are a handful of competing providers able to offer speeds up to 1 Gbps, 500 Mbps remains lightning fast and they offer it for just $70 . Just about any of the packages offered by Verizon for FiOS customers will fit the bill for those needing a great deal of speed.

Do Verizon’s FiOS Customers Really Get Value For Their Money?

The capability provided to customers by FiOs is what helps Verizon distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace. The company presently has six distinct plans on offer, with the first three of them yielding impressive Internet speed of no less than 25 Mbps for downloading. The least rapid plan begins where standard DSL ends. From that point onward, the plans only get faster, with a mid-level plan offering upwards of 75 Mbps for downloads and speeds for uploads approaching 35 Mbps. For customer satisfaction, this is a huge tick of confidence.

Faster “Quantum” plans offer download speed upwards of 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and an incredible 500 Mbps. The only possible catch is that the service is only available to those who live where Verizon’s fiber networks already exist. Interested customers can visit Verizon’s website to learn if their address is included in an accessibility area.


Verizon FiOS Bundles Reviewed – A Comparison Of Fios To Other Options

It is possible to purchase television, phone, and Internet services together. Verizon’s bundling choices are even more plentiful than what is shown above. We have chosen just a few of the available combinations for review. To learn more about what can be provided, discuss your situation with a Verizon representative, as pricing can be determined by your location or better still visit our fios deals page and get anywhere from 10 to 40% depending on the discounts being served up at any point in time but here is a rundown of whats on offer to you.

Verizon Fios Plans

  • Internet:

Verizon states that its service runs 15/5 Mbps, meaning that downloads can happen at a speed upwards of 15 Mbps, and uploads at 5 Mbps. Residential customers likely will not be bothered by the relatively slow speed for uploads. When standing alone, this service will run $49.95 each month.

  • Voice Service:

With FiOS, customers get digital telephone service that features unlimited nationwide and local calls. Verizon telephone service will include common calling features and calls to Canada for free, not unlike Comcast Xfinity service. Voice services utilize FiOS Internet, and they cannot be purchased as a stand-alone option. Bundles that combine phone together with Internet cost $69.99 each month, which represents an increase of $20 a month more than the stand-alone Internet.

  • Television Service: 

 Verizon Fios TV – What Is It?

There are over 195 channels available in a basic Verizon television package, not to mention a library of On Demand options that includes thousands of shows and 47 dedicated music channels. Standing alone, this plan is $64.95 each month, though plans that contain a larger number of channels will cost more. One new edition worth noting is that Verizon now offers prepay options for new customers who don’t want to be tied to a contract.Verizon Fios TV is the latest service provided to Verizon Fios consumers. The service has been available since the fall of 2005. TV programs are broadcasted across a fiber optic cable network thereby guaranteeing consumers superior picture and sound quality.

  1.    Does the Verizon Fios TV correspond to the business internet service?

The Verizon Fios TV is compatible with the business internet service. As a result, both the Fios TV and Business-Class Fios Service can run simultaneously.

  1. 5.      What is the dissimilarity between Verizon Fios TV and cable?

All the channels made available on the Verizon Fios TV are digital. The channels are broadcasted to your home using a technology commonly referred to as Passive Optical Networking. The immediate result is zero loss of signal as is the case with cable or satellite. ( If you want to know more about the differences between cable or satellite read our DirecTV vs Verizon Fios for more  ) Video signals are passed by Verizon precisely the same way they are obtained from various content providers. There are no extra compressions that are applied as is the case with cables and satellite.

The other major difference is that Fios TV does not blackout when it’s raining or snowing outside. Finally, videos-on-demand are transmitted using a technology known as IPTV or simply as TV over the internet. As a result, you have access to more channels than before.

Fios 100/100$39.99100MbpsFIBERNoNo
Triple Play$79.99150MbpsFIBER Fios Custom TV unlimited
Fios Non Gigabit Connection$49.9950 MbpsFIBERFios TV LocalNo
Fios 150/150$74.99150MbpsFIBERNoNo
Fios Gigabit Connection$79.99940MbpsFIBERNoNo
Fios Gigabit Triple Play $79.99940MbpsFIBERCustom TVUnlimited Nationwide Calling
Fios Gigabit Connection with
Custom TV
$74.99940MbpsFIBERCustom TVNo

Verizon Fios Availability

You can check Fios availability on their interactive fios availability map here. Its one of the only drawbacks to the fios service as it’s only currently available in 9 US states with the New York rollout well underway.I hope in time as they roll out the 5G service they can better serve the country, especially those in rural or low-income areas.

Verizon Fios Hardware: The Verizon 800 Mbps AC1750 Wi-Fi Fios Quantum Gateway

To get continual connectivity to the FiOS network you will need to use the best connection and speeds, especially on the gigabit and faster plans.

Here are the specs of this particular one which can be purchased from Amazon, at the time writing it costs $114.75 + $7.16 shipping.

Up to 800 Mbps* speeds for faster surfing, streaming, and gaming:

  • Up to 325 feet* of coverage in and around your home.
  • Some Specs: Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway G-1100Dual Core Processor / Gigabit Wired Lan Ports (4) / Integrated Antennas / Beam Forming / Dual Band 2.4ghz and 5ghz / Moca 2.0 / USB 2.0 ports (2) / Ethernet Magnetics / Faster uploads and down.
  • Boost your bandwidth, Dual-band technology for faster sharing allowing your family to perform both high and low bandwidth activities such as checking email and stream, ideal for multiple devices.

Verizon Fios – Who Is It Recommended For?

fios speed testThe short answer to that questions is small home offices, cord cutters and Gamers who require vast amounts of data usage and speed.There are two key strengths of the Verizon Fios service, unlimited data use, and gigabit speeds. They are an ideal fit for those who use the Internet heavily such as remote workers, gamers, You-tubers and techies need the finest quality of service that is available with speeds unrivaled anywhere.

The unlimited data policy of Verizon Fios means it is a very user-friendly service for streaming video content from Hulu, Netflix and all the other providers that have appeared in the space over the last few years and unless you have speeds and no data cap expect to pay a pretty penny for it. The Fios fiber network is a lot better suited for upload-heavy intensive applications such as well when compared to the traditional cable companies like Comcast Xfinity. However, where I live there is just one speed that is available. It is a 50 Mbps connection which is ok but we do experience buffering on movies when others are using YouTube or other Internet-based products.Ok so you can clearly see what if you are a higher end user then you will need Fios so what is it going to cost me you ask? A two-year commitment is required in most cases and the first year costs $49.99 per month and the second year costs around the $59.99 per month.

Are There Any Pros And Cons To Verizon Fios?

  • Pros:
  1. Fiber optics: is the future of communications and entertainment and if you love watching movies in high definition at Gigabit speed ranges then you should choose FiOS. You will feel the difference when you watch TV with more high definition channels to choose from. Verizon has a variety of HD TV plans to choose from plus channel line-up in HD compared to the competition. When it comes to the internet you also have a lot to choose from since you can choose plans according to your computing needs.
  2. Bundle Variety: There is a wide variety of bundles to choose from that will suit your lifestyle, your residential or commercial needs as well as plans that will suit your budget. You may also create your own bundles to get more savings.
  3. Uninterrupted Connection: There is peace of mind when you trust fiber optic technology since no matter what the weather is or no matter how the distance is you will still get the best signal and uninterrupted connections from the source to your home.
  • Cons:
  1. Coverage: Since FiOS is a fairly new technology, it may not be available in all areas of the US and in fact is only in 9 US states as of today.
  2. Prices: Verizon is also pricier compared to other digital providers but as they say, there is no price for high quality.
  3. Network Expansion: Verizon has dropped the ball when it comes to rolling out and ran into some major problems with the New York Roll out early this year.

Are There Any Hidden Charges With Fios?

Some hidden fees were discovered, but they paled in comparison to those charged by others in the market, including Comcast Xfinity. There is an early termination fee of which subscribers should be aware. Those who do not wish to continue with FiOS Internet are given 30 days in which to cancel without having to pay this fee. Once that period passes, there will be a charge of $165 for a cancellation of service. Activation fees only apply to those who select the Extreme 250 or the X1 Gigabit Pro options. The fee that applies to Extreme can go up to $500, while the fee for the X1 Gigabit Pro package is a definite $500.

Verizon Fios bundle deals and services

When it comes to the fees for setup and installation services, Verizon indicates that there is a fee of $80 for FiOS Internet setup, but it is likely that this fee will be waived upon request. If the service is ordered online and a fee waiver was not automatically applied, it is wise to contact a representative by phone. Customers who need to get a router directly from Verizon will also have to pay a shipping fee that will be determined by the customer’s geographic location.

Over the course of two years, prices charged by Verizon for 50 Mbps service comes to approximately $54.99 per year, not that much more than Comcast Xfinity standard and promotional rates for its 25 Mbps service, which averages $53.47. Once two years of service have been reached, Verizon’s rate is roughly $7 a month less expensive, provided both companies’ rates remain static.

The key is to have substantial confidence that you will not relocate away from a FiOS accessible zone during the initial two-year period, or an early termination fee may have to be paid. Certain Verizon customers have had success talking their way out of paying that fee, but it is by no means guaranteed.

Is Fios A Reliable Internet Service

The Verizon Fios Internet network is powered by a 100% fiber-optics and much faster with better reliability than cable or DSL connections.Value for your money is much higher with fiber-optics with download speeds of 1 gigabit per second for those Movie Marathons and binge TV sessions. Verizon reports a 99% uptime efficiency also for peace of mind when it comes to the reliability.

Lets Review Customer Service For Verizon FiOS Customers

Verizon offers FiOS subscribers a range of tools that can be used to find necessary information and get services or service bundles ordered correctly. There is web-based support service as well as a customer chat room but is also easy for subscribers to contact representatives via phone if questions or concerns arise. There is a wealth of troubleshooting help available online, and all pertinent contact information is easy to find on initial setup packaging.

The Downside Of Verizon Fios

  • No Standalone Service With Verizon DSL

There were two main pricing trend differences that we noticed when we were developing this report. The first thing that we noticed was that there was a noticeable gap between what is charged for DSL by a telco vs what is charged for fiber to the home (FTTH) services.

For example, Verizon charges $74.99 on its 150/150 FiOS service without a contract, and its standard DSL package that has speeds of 1 to 15 Mbps costs $29.99. There is one thing that has angered Verizon’s new DSL customers, which is they cannot buy standalone DSL service – instead, they have to buy a phone service bundled with it, even if it isn’t something they require it cannot be separated out in order to get DSL from Verizon.

  • Varied And Slow Speeds 

Even though the technology is superior to the competition fiber is not always 100% reliable, we often see issues reported like the following:

“I have FiOS 75/75 and over the last week to 10 days have been experiencing a very noticeable dip in my download speeds in the evenings, roughly between 7 – 11 pm. It is very curious since my upload speeds are fine, up to 90Mbps even while the download speeds dip down to 8Mbps.”

This has been an issue as long as the internet has been in existence and the bottleneck is no different to peak time on the freeways so that’s something we hope Fios is able to overcome in time and be able to provide top speeds for upload and download at all times, even when the network is peaked out due to some event.

Verizon Fios FAQ’s

 What Deals Does Verizon Fios Offer To Existing Customers?

If you are already a Verizon customer and you want to upgrade then now is the best time to get in on Fios deals as an existing customer. You can upgrade your connection and your plan. If you are already a Verizon Fios customer and save more money in the process.

DirecTV or Verizon Fios – Which Is Better?

Comparing DirecTV and Fios isn’t an exact apples-to-apples comparison. However, here at MyDealsClub, we provide you with a breakdown of what each of these companies offers in addition to recommendations on which one may be the best fit for your household in our DirecTV or Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios or Charter Spectrum – Which Is Better?

Verizon Fios and Spectrum (formerly known as Time Warner Cable) are some of the most popular choices when it comes to Internet packages. Of course, they both have some pros and cons, depending on your budget and needs and you’ll have to weigh both in order to make the right decision so read our full Verizon Fios or Charter Spectrum review to learn more before making an informed choice.

 Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios – Which Is Better?

Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios often fight for many of the same customers in the same demographic areas. So its little wonder the common question we get here is “Should I get Xfinity or Verizon Fios? ” At MydealsClub a take an in-depth overview of each and see if we can help you answer this question with our Comcast Xfinity or Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios Vs Cablevision Optimum – Which Is Better?

Verizon Fios offers a 100% newer fiber-optic network, while comparable speeds are offered by Cablevision in some areas along with television perks that cannot be resisted by some customers. It all comes down to how much broadband you really use, and the price you are willing to pay for it. Read our Verizon Fios or Cablevision Optimum review for the full rundown and comparison

The Verdict On Verizon FiOS

There is no doubt that Verizon FiOS is technologically very advanced. It is tough to beat fiber optic networking in terms of speed and capacity, and it is the wave of the future. Picture quality from FiOS is superior to anything Comcast Xfinity provides, and Verizon charges less and brings more channel variety. Even better, it is generally possible to negotiate the price downward in subsequent subscription years. It must be borne in mind, however, that because FiOS is rather new to the scene, there may be an increased incidence of outages necessitating troubleshooting work on the customer’s part.

Final Word On Verizon’s Fios

To compare Fios to the top competition see our reviews of  Cablevision Optimum, Xfinity By Comcast and DIRECTV  are worth consideration as well.

Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection

Additional References To Obtain Information On Verizon’s Fios

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