Verizon Fios Visa Gift Card Promotion 2020 – $200 Prepaid Reward Card Program

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Written by Ana De Castro Updated on April, 2020

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Prepay Option Brings In New Fios Customers

The prepaid concept that has become so popular within the wireless industry is being applied to Fios by Verizon to offer customers a pay-as-you-go option for its phone, internet and services like Fios TV one.

Since the prepaid monthly service from Fios eliminates unexpected charges every month, it allows customers to plan their expenses more effectively. Customers can pay using a debit card online or cash at a Verizon Wireless store payment kiosk. For all our top deals for new customers to Verizon, we recommend you take a look. Prepay Option Brings In New Fios Customers

In addition to providing every customer with the set-top box video and necessary gateway, this new prepaid option doesn’t require a credit check, credit card or deposit. Another attractive feature is that an annual contract isn’t required by the prepaid option, which is something that has frustrated consumers who buy triple play bundles.

Susan Retta, Verizon’s vice president of consumer marketing, said in a release that Fios Prepaid provides a new way for customers to experience Fios who are looking for payment flexibility. From snowbirds to students, consumers are searching for options and service on their own terms. For an in-depth look at Verizon FiOS see our Verizon fios review for much more detail and analysis.

Check out gigabit internet and why you should use Verizon Internet

Verizon’s Fios Prepaid service is available in all of the places in its East Coast region that its Fios service is available, including multiple cities in Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

Get A Verizon Fios Prepaid Reward Card

For $60 per month, customers receive a symmetric standalone 25 Mbps connection including a Wi-Fi router. Voice and/or TV can also be added by customers.

Custom TV: Custom TV comes with 155+ channels and one set-top-box and costs
$40 to $50 a month, depending on which channel package is selected. The Mundo options offer more than 200 channels, which includes more than 35 HD Spanish language channels, and costs $40 per month. You can also purchase phone service for $10 per month.

Fios prepaid option For new customers and existing ones

There are three triple play bundle deals that are offered by Verizon: Internet + Voice is $70; Internet + TV for $100/$110; and Internet + Voice + TV for $110/$120. Self-install is free or customers can choose to have the service installed by Verizon for a one-time fee of $90. See our main page for more on these.

This new prepaid option is only one of the different methods that Verizon is implementing in order to make it more attractive to migrate to Fios. The service provider earlier this month introduced a new promotion for luring more people to get signed up for its most recent Unlimited wireless plans. A credit was given to Fios customers to sign up for their most recent wireless service plan.

How To Register For Verizon Visa Gift Card

Registering for your Verizon gift card is straightforward, after you have upgraded using our link provided here it’s simply a case of contacting the customer support team to advise you have upgraded your account. They will ensure the correct visa gift card value is added it to your account, generally this will be either $200 or $300 on current customer promotions. The visa reward card rebate scheme is one fabulous incentive that Verizon FiOS offers it’s new and returning customers, here at my deals club we have all the top Visa card promotions and offers for Verizon FiOS in any given month and these are updated regularly. Verizon Fios gift card redemption with MyDealsClub is very easy , click the links we provide  and  sign up and save money right away

Verizon Fios Free Samsung Tv – Is This Deal Still Available In 2020 ?

The $200 Samsung TV credit also coincided with an Offer of a free chrome book with any new Verizon Internet, telephone, television bundle from $79.99 per month. This was a deal offered some months ago and is now no longer current however please check bank as we will update any Samsung or chrome book offer as these do change month-to-month at Verizon

Why Should I Choose Fios Over Other Providers?

We get asked this question all the time so have created a few comparative guides to compare fios to Xfinity By Comcast,Verizon Fios vs Charter and also to Cablevision Optimum, read those guides and we think you will agree Verizon Fios bundle deals plus their Deals for Existing Customers represent the best in the industry.

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